TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 16)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This week we have one of the Hasselfree figures I chose not to use in my recent “Rats” diorama.  A young lady who goes by the name Dakota.

DSC_0632 (2)DSC_0634 (2)DSC_0633 (1)DSC_0635 (2)DSC_0636 (2)


Modelling Retirement Planning  – Step 8

So this week we move to Step 8 and with only two more steps to follow we are nearing the end of what I hope you are finding a valuable resource either for now or at some point in the future.  The image below provides an ideal introduction to this weeks step – Coffee Mornings.


As we can see from the above illustration, taken I am reliably informed from an original Paleolithic painting which is over 40,000 years old and can be found in the Franco-Cantabrian region of Western Europe, women have been talking for a very long time.  In truth some never stop and it is this weakness that Step 8 aims to exploit to the modeller’s advantage.

Quite simply always encourage the wife to meet up with family and friends at every opportunity.  Promote as much as possible the idea of Coffee Mornings.  It really doesn’t matter whether these take place in or away from your home but the latter will add travel time which is clearly a bonus.  Once you get a gaggle (collective noun?) of women together they will never stop but you can.  You can stop whatever you were doing and simply start modelling or painting instead.  Why should you work when they are not?

By my reckoning you should aim for two Coffee Mornings a week which potentially will give you anywhere between 2 and 16 hours of hobby time.  Happy days!


Movie Special Effects

Maybe it’s because I consider myself a modeller but I can always tell when they use fake Dinosaurs in the movies.


This week TIM has been listening to …

“I Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye.

Having recently been to the cinema (see below) I saw a trailer for Documentary/Movie about Motown.  It inspired me to dig out a few classics and I decided there was nowhere better to start than here.


This week TIM has been watching …

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt and the extremely hot Margot Robbie.

A midweek trip to the cinema with my son who was on a weeks holiday to see the 9th Tarantino movie.  Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but we loved it and the 2 hours and 40 minutes flew by.  Hopefully the DVD will be out for Christmas, my 93 year old father and 88 year old mother will enjoy it, they love a happy ending!

Image result for once upon a time in hollywood movie poster 2019


Until next time.





Apocalypse: “What the f**k was that?” – The Making Of (A 28mm Diorama)

Originally it had been my intention to put up a “Work In Progress” post before publishing the final diorama but after some deliberation I decided against it.  If there was a “wow” factor to be had then it would be lost by a WIP post so I decided to go for a “Making of …” post instead!  The original post and final photo’s can be found here.


The Inspiration

Like most of the things I do the initial inspiration comes from finding some figures that I would like to buy and paint.  The challenge then becomes how to fit them into a diorama.  In some cases an idea alludes me for some time, occasionally completely but sometimes ideas come thick and fast as was the case with this one.

It all started with some internet browsing and discovering a site called “Other World Miniatures”, not a site I was aware of.  Various searches led to me finding a set of 5 Giant Rats which I rather liked the look of and thought would be fun.  Instantly I was reminded of the horror author James Herbert and his trilogy – The Rats, Lair and Domain.  All books I have and read on more than one occasion.  The seed was sown.  The fact that “Backtothehammer” and “Pete S/SP” both picked up on this was great to see.

The Concept

A while ago I made a conscious decision to try and limit my dioramas to small bases.  There were two reasons for this.  One was space, dioramas take up a lot of it and I have a lot of them now.  The other was aimed at stretching my imagination.  How to get as much detail as possible onto a small area?  The only way is up!

In the book “The Rats” the furry little bastards appear all over the place but the “London Underground” and the more obvious “London Sewer System” were already set in my mind but what was the story line and how to represent it?

Clearly for the rats to appear as “Giants” some humans would have to feature for scale otherwise the idea would be lost.  From there is was an easy leap to the rats being mutated as a result of some form of nuclear fallout.  Now all I needed was a contrived situation which would bring the humans and the rats together and the search for food by both groups seemed natural enough.

How to depict the search in a diorama format required some thought and of course I needed to find suitable figures too.   Hasselfree Miniatures is one of my go to sites these days and once again they came up trumps.  I bought four figures all of which I thought would be suitable but in the end settled on the two I used as being the most appropriate.  To my mind they both look like they are acting cautiously in their search and that was most appropriate.

With the only way being up it seemed like a good idea to have the diorama on three levels – basement/sewer, stairs, building/room.  Now all I had to do was build it!

The Build

It made sense to start building bottom up so first of all I laid down some bricks.  The bricks are 28mm scale and come from “Juweela” who produce scenic materials.  These bricks are simply brilliant.  I went with bricks to reflect the London Sewer system built by the Victorians.

I small circular section of plastic piping found in the garage was used to produce the “tunnel” effect which was then clad with bricks before being positioned on the base.


The next job was to build the stairs.  This was done by casting some pieces from a “Hirst” mold and trimming as applicable.  I also needed to create a floor (using coffee stirrers and match sticks) to connect to the stairs which would in due course have a brick wall and door added to it as well as one of the figures.  The other figure would be positioned at the top of the stairs and in the image below you can see that the stairs have been prepared to take the slotter base of the figure.


Now it was all about building up the walls and adding more details.  The door is an MDF purchase which was made to make the Gothic windows in my “Wizard Library” boxed diorama.


I had some over and they were ideal for a door entrance.

The walls alone felt a little plain so I decided to add some pipe work.  For this I simply used some plastic sprue.  I had a small steering wheel from an army jeep model in my bits box which made for a nice addition and the pipe joints were made using the protective plastic tubes which come with paint brushes.

The light was a spare one from my WW2 Diorama …


… which was broken down and attached using some twisted wire.

Another spare wheel was used as a drain cover at the base of the sewer and to which later a ladder would go under.

It was then time to start using some filler with PVA to fill the various gaps.


In between these various stages I conducted a few dummy runs in terms of figure fit and positioning.  I also played around with the various components.

I wanted this to be a piece that had interest from various angles and was chuffed with “Wudugast” who picked up on this point and kindly commented accordingly.  Having set myself a bar to reach it will be interesting to see if I can replicate the concept in future dioramas.  Clearly some ideas will lend themselves more readily than others.  Time will tell.


So the build complete it was then just a matter of painting things up.

Completed Diorama

Job done.

DSC_0605 (1)DSC_0596 (1)DSC_0593 (1)DSC_0599 (1)DSC_0603 (1)DSC_0607 (1)DSC_0608 (1)DSC_0610 (1)DSC_0594DSC_0607 (1)DSC_0609 (1)DSC_0597 (1)DSC_0598 (1)

The Narrative

An accompanying narrative is not something I normally do, in fact I think this is a first.  It was fun to do and I felt the diorama needed an explanation.  Something to consider again perhaps?  For anyone wondering, the words are my own and not a quote from a book.

Until next time.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite … or the rats!







TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 15)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This week we have a Reaper Pathfinder figure which goes by the name of “Kaer Maga Dusk Warden”.



Flow Aid

I was asked by Mark Morin following my most recent Dad’s Army post …


… if there was any secret to how I painted pin stripes.  The simple answer was “No”.  A steady hand, practice and a willingness to go over the lines time and time again until they look straight is pretty much all I do.  A good brush and appropriately thinned paint are also essential.

Now having said all that the other day I learnt about a product called “Flow Aid”.  This was knew to me although the product isn’t and I suspect most of you have heard of it either under that name or something similar.  In theory it thins the paint and improves the flow without diluting the pigment and is ideal for detailed work such as thin lines.  It also reduces the drying time and should aid colour blending too.

I have ordered a bottle and will let you know what I think of it in due course.  In the meanwhile I would be interested to know what experience any of you might have of using it.


A Friend In Need

My painting and modelling plans were disrupted earlier in the week when the lady next door asked if I could help her bury a rolled up carpet in the woods.  Apparently her husband would have done it but he’s had to go away for a few days.


Modelling Retirement Planning  – Steps 5, 6 and 7

Well hopefully by now you are all either well underway with steps 1 through to 4 or you have printed them out and kept them somewhere safe until you reach your time for retirement.  As these next steps are all “Kitchen” related I thought I would bunch them together as they rather neatly lead from one to the other.

Step 5

Another task which will almost certainly come your way in retirement is an expectation that you will take your turn at cooking the evening meal.  Now I know that in this modern world some men actually enjoy cooking but just try to remember that it takes time.  Pending what you choose to cook it can take a lot of time and that is all time lost which could have been spent painting and modelling.  You must stay focused on the objective!

If you are coerced into cooking a meal, any meal, constantly ask where things are kept.  Patience is needed for this one but as modellers we have it in abundance and it will only be a matter of time before the little lady will tire of it and realise it is quicker to do it herself.  When this happens you must always, repeat always answer with “Well OK darling as long as you are sure” and follow that up by making a very quick exit before there is the remotest chance she might change her mind.

Step 6

Now if step 5 went according to plan then this step might prove unnecessary.  Assuming your other half has the measure of you, and let’s be honest she probably has, then you should undertake this step.

To the average women the kitchen is on a par with the man cave/garage/modelling desk.  If the little lady entered your space and didn’t put things back properly (see Step 3 – “Dusting”) you wouldn’t like it would you?  Well neither would she so if you find yourself still doing some cooking you must, repeat must put things back in the wrong place.  With luck you will never have to see the inside of the kitchen again.  If you still find yourself up against a brick wall then it is time for Step 7!

Step 7

Now step 7 follows the same basic principles as step 6 in that it is geared to invading their space.  If you have failed with steps 5 and 6 then this one is for you.  You could of course jump straight to this step but I would encourage you to resist the urge to do so.  Women are persistent creatures and you can be sure they will come back to the idea of you doing some cooking at a future date.  With this in mind it is far better to adopt a staged approach based upon my experience.  Don’t play all your cards at once unless you absolutely have to.

Timing is the key to this step.  Open every single kitchen cupboard door and wait for the little lady to enter the room.  Looking thoughtful declare that the contents are all over the place and that no wonder you cannot find anything (notwithstanding the fact that you have put things back in the wrong place under step 6!) and thus you are planning to completely reorganise the place now that you are at home and have the time.  It goes without saying that your proposed ideas on how to do this must be absurd!  If that doesn’t do it then to put it bluntly you’re fucked.  Always remember with this one that the bruising will go eventually and the eye you can still open should be firmly fixed on the end game which will be in sight once the double vision has cleared.

One reason for potential failure could be your knife rack.  If you have one like this then you are dealing with quite a difficult creature and I would suggest you tread carefully!



This week TIM has been listening to …

… Roxy Music. Very much a 70’s group and one which I expect divided opinion but personally I loved this arty stuff and there earlier albums still take some beating as far as I am concerned, especially with head phones on.  The album covers were classics too and well worth checking out.


This week TIM has been watching …

… Blazing Saddles.

Going through the Knuckleduster website I noticed some new additions – “Sheriff Blazer”, “Mangus” and “The Chaco Kid”.  All three figures clearly based on the film.  This prompted me to dig out the DVD and give it a watch, something I haven’t done for donkey years.

I expected it to be politically incorrect and doubted some of the humor would have stood the test of time.  I was right on both accounts but it was fun too.

Blazing saddles movie poster.jpg


Until next time.




Apocalypse: “What the f**k was that?” – September Challenge (A 28mm Diorama)

When the bombs fell the rats new instinctively to head underground to the sewers.  There they made their lair and every three weeks they bred and  then they bred again.  As they bred they mutated and with each new litter they grew bigger and stronger and when the bombs could be heard no more they would be ready, ready to return to the surface.

Above ground the survivors continued their daily search for anything and everything of value.  Food and water were priceless commodities in the dawning of this new age but the dangers were many and nobody worked alone or unarmed as every building was systematically explored.

As the two women progressed through the Gothic ruin Jenny thought she heard something.  Closely followed by her partner she nervously entered the arched doorway and onto the first of several stone steps which led to the blackness below.  Then she heard the sound again, they both did.

“What the fuck was that?” she said before starting to take her next tentative step into the unknown.

Below the rats had heard something too.  They weren’t nervous and they weren’t scared but the lead rat was curious.  His nose twitched at the smell he sensed from above.   He didn’t know what it was but it stirred his stomach like nothing had done before.  Then he realised what it was.  It was food and he was hungry, very hungry.

It was time to return to the surface.



DSC_0593 (1)DSC_0594DSC_0610 (1)DSC_0598 (1)DSC_0597 (1)DSC_0609 (1)DSC_0607 (1)DSC_0605 (1)DSC_0596 (1)DSC_0599 (1)DSC_0603 (1)DSC_0607 (1)DSC_0608 (1)




TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 14)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This weeks miniature is a Reaper wizard which goes by the name of Kenrik Thistlemoor.  I enjoyed doing this one, partly because I rate the quality of Reaper figures highly and partly because painting wizards provides a great opportunity to use pretty much whatever colours take your fancy.  I’ve since ordered three more Reaper wizards to do.  Hopefully they will prove to be fun as well.



Modelling Retirement Planning  – Step 4

This week we will be looking at another task that will most likely come your way in the early days of retirement when you offer to help … grocery shopping!

Hopefully you will find this challenge far more easy to complete.  I got the distinct impression that some of you weren’t up to the idea of breaking any of your wifes treasures while dusting for fear of death.  Hopefully this task will not only prove to be less onerous but may also provide an insight to how you have been had for years.

Now I expect at this point most if not all of you think this step is all about simply taking the shopping list you have been given and fucking up by not buying half the items on it.  Well you would be wrong.  You can adopt that approach by all means but it is predictable and your other half will anticipate it.  Remember, she knows you are useless.  The key to this task is to buy everything on the list as well as lots of things not on the list.  Why?  I will explain.

If you are about to retire then you are of a certain age.  If you are of a certain age and been able to resist the pathetic urge to become a modern man then there is a good chance that you are/have been the main bread winner (get a life, this is how it used to be!) and have provided your good lady with “house keeping” money.  Now women are good at managing this financial pot, in fact they are very good, they could all be accountants. Why is this?  Well, by being frugal they get to save money and with the money they save they get their hair and nails done.  So when you buy more than was on the list you aren’t blowing the house keeping budget you are stopping them from being able to have their “cosmetic essentials”. 

Now of course they will complain that you have done the shopping badly but they will not, even at the risk of calling out the Spansih Inquisition, confess to the real reason.  By continuing on your spending spree you can be certain you wont be allowed to for very long. 

Remember.  Women always complain they don’t have enough house keeping but always manage to squeeze money out of the money they are given to get their hair and nails done.  You wont go without food but they wont go without their beauty essentials either so the likelyhood you will ever have to do this more than twice is minimal.  With them continuing to do the shopping you are free to model!


The Positive side of Obesity

The thing with a hobby such as modelling is that a great deal of time is spent sitting around which has serious potential for unwanted weight gain.  Fortunately walking my dog ensures I remain reasonably fit and healthy,  However, should I find myself expanding my waist line I will take some consolation from the fact that the more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap!

With this in mind I am adopting the following mantra.

“Stay safe, eat cake”.


Cars, New or Used?

My little convertible is fine but unsuitable for transporting models to shows and the family car whilst extremely practical cannot be described as a cool ride.  With this in mind I started to think about changing one or the other.  I’ve always tended to buy from new (something about being the first) but as my annual mileage is so low a quality used car would allow me to spend the equivalent amount of money but on a superior vehicle.   What to do?

I continued to deliberate until I saw the advert below.  Maybe it is the power of advertising but a used vehicle now seems quite exciting and besides who wouldn’t like an Aston Martin?



This week TIM has been listening to …

“Fake I.D.” by Big and Rich and featuring Gretchen Wilson from the remake of the film “Footloose”.

Of the two film versions I prefer the original but I do like this track and the line dancing scene from the remake but above all I like the lead lady Julianne Hough!


This week TIM has been watching …

Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis.

Corny for sure but still a classic as far as I am concerned and soon we will have Top Gun 2.  Will it be any good?  Well you can be sure it will be predictable and more than a little cheesy but I suspect it will have some good stunts and be fun.  Looking forward to it.



Until next time.







Dad’s Army – Part 5 (28mm Figures)

With the 8 uniformed figures completed my attention is now on the civilian figures.  There are 10 in this series due to the addition of the Vicar and the Verger.

First up we have Mainwaring and Frazer.  With the fashion of the day being pinstriped trousers and suits there is plenty of opportunity for some freehand work.  Each of the figures is composed wearing arm bands so there is also a need to paint LDV (Local Defence Volunteer) on each one.

As much as I enjoyed the uniformed figures these were much more fun and challenging to paint.




TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 13)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This weeks figure is a Jomsviking by Gripping Beasts.  They do make very nice miniatures and this one was no exception.

DSC_0594DSC_0591 (1)DSC_0592 (1)DSC_0590 (1)


Birthday Presents

Just over a week ago it was my birthday and in the lead up to it I was unsurprisingly asked by She Who Must be Obeyed what I would like by way of a present.  Naturally my first instinct was to consider asking for the services of a young women with the oral suction power of a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner but decided I might be pushing my luck.  Besides I couldn’t see SWMBO spending that much money on me.

Instead I decided on a set of Artis Opus brushes.  I remembered that back in April Alex of the Leadbaloony bought a set at for his birthday at Salute.  The sensible thing to have done would have been to ask him what he thought of them before tasking SWMBO with the purchase but then again Alex is a smart lad and if he thought they were good enough to buy then what more justification did I need?

Up to now I have been using Winsor and Newton Series 7 which are fantastic and comparable in price but by all accounts these brushes are the dogs bollocks so in due course I will let you know what I think of them.


Modelling Retirement Planning  – Step 3

Imagine you are a raw recruit having been handed a loaded weapon and for the first time in your life you are required to shoot someone dead.  Are you ruthless enough to do so?  Remember it is you verses them.  Now Hang on to that image as I take you through the finer points of Step 3 – Dusting!

Now if you have stuck with the program so far then you will have:

  1. extended your weekend from 2 days a week to 4,
  2. only be doing jobs 3 days a week in the mornings,
  3. completed all the indoor jobs on your to do list,
  4. be ready to make good on your promise to help your other half with her household chores.

The first thing to remember when you ask your other half “what can I do to help you darling?” is that she has her own routine, her own list of regular chores and that on that list of chores are several she hates doing.  If you think you are going to get a nice job delegated to you then forget it.  You are going to get a shit job and because she probably doesn’t trust you to do anything properly you will almost certainly be given the job of dusting.  After all what could you possibly do wrong?

Phase 1

To begin with it is important to do the job in a slap dash way.  This should come easily to you because it is shit job that you do not want to do anyway, however, you must see this as an opportunity.  It is important to remember that nothing, absolutely nothing must go back in the right place.  This is also a great chance to break things she has on display which you do not like and have hated for years.  Try not to wreck the place but it is vital that things get broken.

The chances are the first thing you break will not cause a problem.  You may be called clumsy but the job of dusting is still yours.  In due course you must up your game.  Focus less on how much you break and more on the sentimental value of the object itself.  At some point you will inevitably have to break something which she holds dear.  This is where you need to try to retain the image of the raw recruit.  Are you a man or a mouse?  If you answer “squeak” then you are stuck with dusting forever.  Sad to see her cry I grant you but don’t lose sight of the end game.  Remember, life can be harsh.

Having completed your mission of breaking something she values the task of dusting will almost certainly not be given to you again.

Phase 2

If you have been making the most of your additional painting and modelling time then you have almost certainly produced more items for storage and/or display.  Now that you are no longer charged with dusting the time has arrived to start putting some of these completed items on display around the house.  I would recommend doing this once your relationship with your other half is back on an even keel or she will start to break them.

Having these models spread around the house will inevitably increase the time taken for her to properly dust.  Instinctively you will know the right time to say to her “Dearest, I have an idea on how best to make the job of dusting easier for you”.  She will bite your hand off for any forthcoming solution which leaves you free to spend money on another display case.



This week TIM has been listening to …

T-Rex and “Get It On”.

Not surprisingly I love the music of the 70’s, it was my teens after all.  Meaningless lyrics and dodgy fashion but brilliant none the less.  This was a great track when it first hit the charts and T-Rex and Bolan were huge at the time.  Sadly I used to drive passed the place where Bolan was killed in a car accident every time I went to watch Chelsea play.  I guess some people are destined to die young.


This week TIM has been watching …

The Untouchables staring Kevin Costner and Robert De Niro.

In the final episode of Peak Blinders (series 4) reference was made to Al Capone which was all the inspiration I needed to dig this classic out of the cupboard!

Image result for the untouchables movie


Until next time.



Dad’s Army – Part 4 (28mm Figures)

So here we have the final two figures in the Dad’s Army uniformed set of 8 figures.

First up we have Private Walker, described in the Warlord Games flyer as”… exempt from conscription in the regular army due to a severe corned beef allergy.  This frees him up to concentrate on his wholesale business – and with goods of all kinds in short supply Walker’s ‘connection’s can come in surprisingly useful.”

Secondly we have Private Pike for whom the narrative states – “The youngest member of the platoon by a long way, Frank Pike is an enthusiast of American gangster movies and proud custodian of the section’s Thomson sub-machine gun.  His mother insists he wrap up against the cold and frequently turns up on parade to make sure he is looking after himself.”

My attention will now be given to the 10 remaining figures.  As previously mentioned, the range comprises of 18 figures.  As well the 8 main character’s in uniform each one has also been cast in a different pose and dressed in civilian attire.  For those of you who remember the series an add on set featuring the Vicar and the Verger comprise the remaining 2 figures.

The civilian figures will present a greater painting challenge given stripped suits were the order of the day.  It will be interesting to see how that goes!  In the meanwhile images of the latest two figures below together with a group shot of all 8.



TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 12)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

A return to Knuckleduster.  Keeping up with new releases is proving difficult with so many great figures being made available but I am trying my best.  Clearly modeled on Clint Eastwood this is in my opinion a great sculpt.



Understanding Women

A wise man once said …

“Only when you accumulate the understanding to know why a pizza is made round, to be put in a square box and then eaten in triangles, will you then be able to understand women”.

… which leads me neatly on to …

Modelling Retirement Planning  – Step 2

Get your jobs list done and out of the way.  OK, OK this sounds like a contradiction but there is method in the madness so let me explain.

When you are newly retired you are still very much in work mode which is to say you are used to working at a certain pace and with a certain discipline.  The good news is it wares off when you realise you are not on holiday for two weeks but for the rest of your life.  So while you are waiting for reality to kick in get the jobs done but don’t work all day and only do indoor jobs to start with.

If you went about Step 1 properly then you should have 4 days a week to call your own.  Having allowed the 4 day routine to settle into normality you now need to agree that on your 3 “working” days you plan to work on the remainder of your jobs list in the morning and have time to call you own in the afternoon.  Having been a good boy and done most of the indoor jobs you were assigned this should not be a problem if you time it right.  You might also try explaining that once the list is eventually complete you will then be able to share her household jobs.  Encourage your other half to work in the same way and insist that she takes a break too.  She probably wont of course because she has her own routine but make her a cup of tea every now and then and show her your caring side.

All being well you now have 4 day and 3 afternoons for painting and modelling.  However, for at least half the year in the UK it is wet weather.  Nobody likes working outside when it is pissing down so as long as you have concentrated on doing only the indoor jobs as mentioned above then on those wet days there is nothing to do but either help your other half (as “promised” above) or spend more time painting and modelling!

You are now on track for having 4 days, 3 afternoons and 50% of the working day mornings to call your own.  Next week we will start on how to deal with “helping” your other half so that you can claw back the other 50% for yourself.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Shotgun by Georg Ezra.

This years holiday song which I am dedicating to all you folks in Australia!


This week TIM has been watching …

Band of Brothers.

This series completely passed me by and despite being told how great it was I still never put myself out to watch it … until now.  Two parts in with eight to go.  Great stuff.  Should have got my arse in gear and watched it sooner!

Image result for band of brothers


Until next time.



Space Marine – A 54mm Figure (The August Challenge)

Earlier this year when I went to the model show at Torquay I bought two items which for me were very different.  I had wanted to have a go at doing a bust at some point and also fancied doing a Space Marine, the latter being driven largely by the inspired work of fellow bloggers.  A trader at the show had some fine looking pieces for sale so I decided to take the plunge for no other reason than “what the hell!”.

The bust of an Ork I did a little while ago…


… and shortly afterwards I started the Space Marine before I got side tracked by something else as so often seems to happen these days.  Then along came Azazel’s challenge for August and I decided the model would fit the criteria (“Cool” – hopefully – and bigger than normal criteria) so I got my arse in gear and set about completing it.

So what have we got here?

Well firstly the model is 54mm scale so typically larger than your average gaming scale figures.  It was produced by Craftworld Studio and is made of resin, not my preferred material as some of you know, and comprised of a dozen or so parts.  The base came with the figure and for now I am not planning to expand it but that may change later in the year.  Pending what else I get done between now and January I might use this in one of the club’s in-house annual competition categories and if I do then I might beef the base up a bit.

The figure was painted only using acrylics.  Normally, especially on 54mm figures, I usually use oils too but decided against doing so on this occasion.  No real reason for that decision other than the fact that I quite liked the way he was turning out using just the acrylics so decided to leave well alone.

Has he been painted correctly?  Is he the right colour scheme?  Have I picked out all the relevant parts and details?  Buggered if I know, it’s a genre well outside of my comfort zone and I didn’t do much in the way of research, just simply went with what I thought looked right and OK.  Will I do another?  Not at 54mm scale that’s for sure but I wouldn’t rule out 28mm/Heroic scale as something for the future.  It was fun and I already have a few ideas floating around so who knows?

Images of the completed Figure below.