“Smedley Cloverdash” Time Traveller

Whilst I continue to search in vain for my lost diorama mojo I remain very happy simply painting figures.  I’m even making a small dent in my to do lead pile which at least feels like a step in the right direction.

Having put knights to one side just for the moment I decided to divert my attention to this Reaper Steampunk figure which goes by the name or “Smedley Cloverdash” and whose profession is listed as “Time Traveller”.  A modified key and a watch spring were added to the base to provide a little interest and suport the Steampunk feel.

Images below.








To The Earths Core – A 28mm Diorama

Every now and then I happen across a figure which is a little bit different and inspires a basing idea for me to get my teeth into.  Such was the case here with this figure by Crooked Dice.  To be fare the figure isn’t that special but it took my fancy and the base is a simple affair too.

The figure conjured up a Jules Verne image in my head which in turn made me think of “Journey To The Centre Of The Earth” which led to a base a long the lines volcanic lava and hot coals.  I decided not to get to carried away and kept it simple using just a few granite chippings from the garden.  Milliput was used to secure the chippings and create the base which once dried was painted with yellow, orange and red blobs and allowed to dry.  Citadel textured paint was then applied reasonably thickly on top and allowed to dry and crack revealing the colour below.

Images of the end result below.



DSC_0588 (1)DSC_0584 (1)DSC_0587 (1)DSC_0591DSC_0592DSC_0589 (1)DSC_0590

DSC_0586 (1)

Steampunk Alice (Part 2)

This week saw me finally put the effort in to complete Steampunk Alice.  All in all I am reasonably pleased with the way she turned out and how the various bits and bobs came together but there was room for improvement.  I have also had a few other ideas so one day I might do this figure again.

What we have here is Alice herself along with a mechanical White Rabbit, both part of the same Twisted Miniatures kit.  The mirror was a cheap Ebay dolls house purchase but a significant piece in the storyline.  I used watch pieces for the name on the base and a few more as decoration.  The playing card was just a colour print reduced in size.  With hindsight I should have printed the Queen of Hearts so that’s a mistake down to me.  I also wanted to get hold of a very small chess piece but couldn’t fine one and attempts at trying to make one were pitiful.  I think both of these would have improved on the theme.  The street lamp added some height and besides I had a spare one to use up!  The clock was a last minute (sorry about the pun!) addition which I personally really like.  It came in a packet She Who Must Be Obeyed bought at the local market a while back.  The stall sells stuff that people who make their own cards buy.

To provide some perspective the surface area of the base is 4cm x 4cm.  Surprising just how much can be fitted on an area of that size.







Steampunk Alice (Part 1)

I have begun working on another of my 28mm Twisted Miniatures, this one goes by the name of Alice and is a Steampunk version of Alice In Wonderland.  I cannot claim to be a fan of either the book or film(s) but as with my recent Disney Steampunk model “Chim Chimney” this one gave me some ideas.

Inspired by some of the images on the Twisted site I thought I would try and create a little model featuring some of the things I knew about the character and the story.  I knew a mirror needed to feature along with some playing cards and a chess board so I began to set about the build.

Using some old watch pieces I created the name of Alice for the front of the base.


Some tiles found in my scenic storage boxes would be used to create the chess board.  Holes were drilled to take certain pieces later on.  The broken tiles will be covered when the model is complete.


Painting the tiles and sticking them down soon got underway.  Such is the state of my memory that I need to have a yellow postit to hand to highlight that the tiles needed to be layed down in a black and white sequence!  In fairness I had to make sure I got the pre-drilled tiles in the right place.


A few more little features being worked on but whether I will use them all remains to be seen.


Alice underway.


Pending how things go and how distracted I get by something else I have now started will determine if this one gets finished next week.





“Feygin” – A Twisted Miniatures Figure

Suddenly I seem to have numerous things on the go.  My discipline of trying to do one thing at a time has gone out of the window.  I blame it on the weather and the need to work on something else while other bits are drying.  That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

What we have this week is another Twisted Miniatures steampunk figure, their version of Fagin from the Dickens book Oliver Twist.  Having done a couple of Twisted Minitaures figures now I cannot fault the quality.  I have a few more in the pipe line before I either need to buy some more or move on to doing something else.  I’m not short of ideas right now which is a good thing.  No danger of hitting the wall on the ideas front for the foreseeable future at least anyway.

Not a great deal to say about the figure itself.  It comes in a few parts and really needed to be fully assembled before painting.  Sometimes I find it best to paint some bits first and then attach, all depends how easy it is to access the completed figure with a brush afterwards.

Figure painted in acrylics only.  I seem to do less and less now using oils.  Simple base work with a few cogs added on.  Images below including a couple of WIP ones.



“Chim Chiminey” – A Twisted Minatures Diorama (Part 2)

As very much predicted the weather this week has been dreadful.  Thank goodness for having an indoor hobby that I really enjoy.  Without it I think I would be suicidal.  All the time I was at work I cannot say I really noticed what was happening outside but after many years of retirement and the weather getting progressively worse year on year it has become significant to my well being.  If I could only convince She Who Must Be Obeyed to do so I would move to somehwere with a better climate.  Hey ho!  Still, on the positive side of things I managed to get this little model complete.

Having built the roof all I was really left with was painting and some minor assembly.  The tiled section was finished and stuck to the back and sides of the roof.  Using some galvanised mesh I created an ornamental top to the roof ridge.  The chimney stack was also glued into place.


The next job was to prime and get a base colour onto the roof tiles.


Once dry it was time to start the actual painting.


With the roof as good as done attention was directed to the figures.  “Mary” was more done than I realised but I added a few more highlights, barely noticable from this photo but a little clearer on others, and fixed her umbrella before attaching her  to the chimney.


Then it was time to paint “Albert” and eventually add him to the base.


All that was left to do was add a clock face to the base and take some final photo’s.  This wasn’t part of the original plan but I decided the front of the base need a lift and the clock added to the Steampunk image.

DSC_0609 (1)DSC_0584 (1)DSC_0610 (1)DSC_0612 (1)DSC_0611 (1)DSC_0608

So there you have it.  My first and I suspect last foray into the world of Disney.  Time now to take a look at my “To Do Pile” and decide what to tackle next.



“Chim Chiminey” – A Twisted Miniatures Diorama (Part 1)

As Monty Python would say – “and now for something completely different” … well different for me that is.

WARNING – If you are easily offended by sickly sweet Disney movie charachters this post (and more likley the second post when published) is not for you.

Twisted Miniatures do a couple of Steampunk figures based on the Disney movie Mary Poppins.  One figure goes by the name of “Mary Poppets”, the other is simply called “Albert”.  Now don’t ask me why I was drawn to these two figures because in all honesty I haven’t a clue.  I cannot even claim to have wonderful childhood memories of the film and claim points for nostalgia.  The best I can offer is that I had an instant and simplistic idea on how to base them, thought the figures looked colourful to paint and decided to throw caution to the wind and buy them.

Now as mentioned I am no fan of the film, in truth I don’t think I have even watched it from start to finish.  However, given the film was released in 1964 I have, like most people I would think, seen countless clips on TV (Disney Time at Christmas springs to mind) and am familiar with several of the films songs.  This little diorama was inspired by the song “Chim Chiminey/Step In Time”, specifically the film sequence where they are dancing on the roof.  Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about!

OK, time for some pictures and to talk a little about the build.

First up I decided to make a start on painting Mary.  Totally arse about face as I always start with the base first but hey ho somes times it’s good to live life on the edge!  She isn’t complete yet.  Block colouring done but highlighting to start and complete plus she has an umbrella which needs to be attached and painted.


Attention now on the base.  Nothing overly complicated,  just a roof section.  To begin with I needed two sides and a back, MDF and card.


Then both the sides needed to be bricked.


I also needed to construct a chimney stack.


The space between the sides and back then needed to be filled which was done with quick drying clay.  I also needed to put down some roof slabs to cover the base in front of the roof and trim and grout the bricks using filler.  The whole in the slab is for positioning Albert in due course.


The next step was to start working on the roof tiled section which when complete will be placed on top of the clay and span the two sides.  The tiles are made from card using a Green Stuff World hole punch.


If the weather proves to be as bad as what is being predicted then there is a good chance this model will be finished next week.



Rowena Von Graaf – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 2)

I’m not sure that I needed to but following on from my previous Miniatures & Musings post …


… I thought I should complete this young lady if only to show that I am happy to paint female figures which aren’t scantily clad.  So this week I made sure to get Rowena painted up and based (see below).

In comparison with “Shayda Diovol”, Rowena, on the one hand, is well dressed and nowhere near as sexy which means she ticks the box of not being sexualised and exploited I guess.  On the other hand, to me at least, she looks a little timid, less in control and likely to do whatever the man in her life tells her to do which for the Victorian era would be about right for most women of that period.  When I compare the two figures I think Shayda is the more confident, self assured and intimidating female and yet she is virtually naked.  Significant?  Relevant?  For me sexual exploitation is an open can of worms.  The simple truth is sex sells, always has and always will.  Men know it and so do women.  In general terms it is hard at times to know who is exploiting who.  While you are thinking about that and making of it what you will I will start work on my next female which will provide further food for thought!

As for Rowena the figure itself was straight forward to paint and enjoyable on account of the level of detail on the sculpture.  One of the things I like about female figures is they can offer much more colour opportunity as they are often far less uniform based.  Pending the period and fashion there is a lot of scope particularly in the Victorian era.

Fortunately most of the work on this model was making the base which I did last week.  Just as well that I did as I had very little time to spend modelling this week.  Some brief periods of decent weather for the time of the year meant I could get out in the garden and make a start on my lengthy jobs list.  The good news is more rain is on the way so hopefully I will be able to hit the modelling desk once again!

Photos below.




Rowena Von Graaf – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 1)

This week I started on another Reaper Chronoscope Steampunk figure, Rowena Von Graaf.  You will have to wait until next week to see her painted as my time thus far has been spent working on the base.  I have downloaded an online unpainted image of her so you can at least see what the figure looks like.


As I say this week has been spent working on the base.  I decided I wanted to create a small wall, a pillar and some railings.  I also wanted to add a lamp to the top of the pillar.  First up was the need to make an “L” shape using a couple of pieces of plaster board.  This stuff is so versatile and easy to cut and use.


Once dried the next step was to clad the “L” in bricks.


If you follow my blog you will know I bought some Victorian lamps off of Ebay which I used in a previous model a couple of weeks ago.  I used another one here, or to be more precise the top of one.  For the railings I used some galvanised metal mesh.  I also used a couple of small tiles which I bought from the same place I purchased the bricks.  These needed to be drilled to take the mesh.  Some Milliput was used for the rest of the base and holes positioned to take Rowena once she is painted and ready for adding to the base.


Finally some grit was added and once the PVA had dried it was time to start the painting and whethering.  As a final touch some flowers were added to provide a little more colour and interest.


All simple enough but time consuming, particulalry in terms of allowing tbings to dry.  Time now to paint the lady herself.


Andre Durand, Time Chaser – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 2)

This week saw the completion of Andrea Durand, Time chaser and his “Krups Machine”.

What does the machine do?

Ideally it is for time travel but I am more inclined to go with John’s (of Just Needs Varnish) idea that it is a coffee maker.  Either way it hopefully looks better now it has been painted up.  Andre himself has been finished as well and the two items are now assembled and based.

Images below.