The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 42)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!


Charlie Foxtrot

As some of you will have seen, just before Christmas I completed a WW2 diorama which I called “Operation Overlord” (link below).

The buildings I used in this model were all from a company called Charlie Foxtrot Models albeit with some customization on my part.  The buildings themselves are of a high quality and I would recommend them to anyone.  Having completed the model I thought I would email a couple of photos to Colin at Charlie Foxtrot and let him know how pleased I was with his kits.  Let’s face it we all like good feedback and I thought Colin would be no different so with it being the season of goodwill to all men I thought I would pass on my thanks to him.

I didn’t anticipate a reply but to my surprise he came back and said he was impressed with what I had done.  More than that he asked if he could put the images up on his Facebook page in the lead up to Christmas.  I was happy to agree that he could but if I’m being honest thought he was being polite and that would be the end of the matter.

Good to his word Colin did put up the photos, along with a few kind words, just before Christmas as he said he would.  It made me feel like an author getting his first book published.  I was chuffed!


Carry On Carrying On?

Over Christmas one of the TV channels, I can’t remember which one, aired a few of old Carry On films.  I’m not sure how well known these films are outside of a certain age group or outside of the UK either for that matter.  The humor is mostly built around the English language and the use of the “double entendre”.  Although dated the humor is nonetheless what I was brought up on and to this day I love the adaptability of the English language and the ability it has for word play.

Another outlet for this type of humor, again turning the clock back to when I was a kid, were saucy seaside postcards produced by Bamforth.  These were, and still are to my mind, very funny.  They also played a significant part in my sex education and must have caused my dad much embarrassment when he was asked to explain what some of them meant!

Needless to say there is now a down side to this humor in today’s world.  Only yesterday I read an article on the BBC website about sexual harassment in the work place, it included a quiz to help determine your understanding of what is and what isn’t acceptable in this day and age.  I didn’t do very well!  I’ll go one step further, if I was still working in an office environment I would probably be hung, drawn and quartered.  Goodness only knows how kids flirt these days!  With internet dating I guess they don’t.

These days not only do we have to be more careful about what we say but we also have to be aware of where we are saying it.  For example, “Have you ever had a PC go down on you?” is an innocent enough question in an IT environment but said inside a police station it could be misconstrued.  Personally I’d find it funny but others might take offense.  Similarly, “Wow, that’s a lovely figure can I hold it?” is not an unreasonable request said to someone at the Plymouth Modelling Club but could well upset someone in an office environment.

It gets trickier though when the words are potentially innocent and said in the correct environment, for example “Those are lovely looking melons” is fine when you are in the supermarket fruit and veg aisle but heaven help you if you happen to be standing next to a large breasted female at the time you say it!  Here’s another example …

Image result for seaside postcards

Now I appreciate in the examples I have given the female of the species is at the butt of the joke and as such there are those delicate soles who would be most offended.  There is however an alternative, join in!  If, as she is inclined to do, She Who Must Be Obeyed happened to say while I was doing some DIY – “That’s a hell of a big tool you’ve got in your hand!” I’d be quite pleased.

It’s often inferred that this type of humor was one way traffic.  Some people tend to forget that men were “victims” of this humor too.

Image result for seaside postcards

Image result for seaside postcards

Having worked part time in a Pharmacy I’ve dispensed numerous prescriptions to men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.  I’ve never met one who didn’t see the funny side of the situation or had a Viagra joke to tell.  In fact it’s taking Viagra with a glass of water which gives us British guys our stiff upper lip!


This week TIM has been listening to …

Heroes by David Bowie.

Now the problem with an icon, any icon is they are iconic.  To become an icon you need to have done a lot of great influential stuff which by definition means it is hard to select a single track (or film) from a comprehensive list of outstanding music.  So it is with Bowie.  I chose this one because even if you don’t like Bowie you can’t argue with the title.  Well you can but I wont be listening.

Probably an artist who is not every bodies cup of team but that’s music for you, it’s personal, no rights or wrongs just different opinions.

Expect to see me list more of his tracks in the future.


This week TIM has been watching … 

JFK’s Secret Killer: The Evidence

Now I’m sure I’m not alone in liking a good old mystery and one of the more fascinating and most popular is the Kennedy assassination.  Theories abound as to what actually happened and many of the things which simply did not add up were featured in the film JFK starring Kevin Costner.

Some years ago I saw this documentary on TV.  I stumbled upon it again recently on YouTube and thought I would share it.  For me this represents the most likely scenario of what actually did happen.  It provides a very realistic answer, backed up with evidence, which addresses the numerous anomalies of the Warren commission and also explains why there would have been a cover up.

Mystery solved as far as I am concerned but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from watching this fascinating investigation.


Until next time.



The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 41)

Welcome to this weeks Musings and the first of this year!


2019 – The Initial Plan

The clue is in the title, this is the initial plan, which is to say it hasn’t got a hope in hell of coming to fruition.  So why bother?  Well old working habits die hard (now there’s a title for a film, wonder if anyone has thought of that?) and I like the idea of objective setting and having some focus.  That said I’m not in the slightest bit bothered if I deliver against it or not.  This is my hobby after all and the aim is to enjoy it and if, as I suspect I will do, I choose to go off in a different direction at some point then that’s just what I will do.  I can be so rebellious when I want to be!

So, what do I currently have in store for 2019?

First up, but in no particular order are Knuckleduster Miniatures.  Possibly the finest range of Old Wild West figures on the market.  My modelling roots lie in this genre and I’m really quiet excited at the prospect of a major return to simply doing some figure painting.  With well over a 100 figure in the range (and being added to) it is my intention to do them all so expect to be bored silly during the course of the year (and probably beyond!).

Reaper will also feature this year in what I plan to do.  I’d like to do another dragon at some point but first up will be a boxed diorama.  I’ve only ever done one and I found it bloody difficult.  Expect some serious f’ing and blinding as I “enjoy” myself on this one!

Hasselfree Miniatures have also grabbed my attention and several figures have already been purchased.  Also sitting in my “to do” pile are quite a lot of WW2 figures, some 28mm and some 54mm.  Most of these are intended for the Plymouth Model Show in June where the theme is D-Day as it is the 75th anniversary of this landmark event.  I’m not sure how many I will get done but there is a time critical element to it so at some point I will have to get my finger out.

In the second half of the year I would really like to start work on my next mega project, mega by my standards that is.  It has long been a desire of mine to do a Western town diorama and if possible I’d like to get it under way this year.  Research is the biggest need right now and I’ve yet to fully decided between several ideas on how best to do it.

As if I didn’t have enough to do IRO suggested I do something around Rorke’s Drift.  To be fare it’s a great idea of an amazing historical event and a great film to provide further inspiration if more were needed.  This is one which needs a lot more thought so if I do go down this route it wont be for a while.  I might just go down the vignette route rather than a full blown diorama.  If that wasn’t enough he had some other ideas too!

Another dabble into the horror genre appeals but I need to get my head around this one as well.  Plenty of options but I’d like to do a film crew again for sure.

A look at my neglected pile left me feeling more than a little guilty but I hope to reduce it a little by riding off the back of some Azazel monthly challenges.  No rush though as the pile is far from inspiring me right now.

Away from actual modelling I’m hoping to attend a few model shows during the course of the year and entering a competition or two as well.  Standards are high but the idea of bench marking my work appeals to me and win or lose I find it motivational too.  In all honesty the best modellers don’t enter.  It’s a bit like asking the Beatles to do the Eurovision Song Contest, but I’m happy trying to become one of the best of the rest even if I have to embarrass myself along the way.

I’m also aiming to continue my weekly Musings, certainly for the foreseeable future at any rate.  I’m currently contemplating a new mini series of perhaps 3 or 4 posts in which I will reveal the cunning plan I implemented allowing me to spend as many hours a day as I want modelling with the full support of She Who Must Be Obeyed!  

Last but not least I think I have found a solution to my growing storage problem.  Alas plans A and B have had to be shelved for now owing to the reluctance of both my kids to move out but plan C has great merit.  Unfortunately SWMBO is also reluctant to move out so plan D, a garage revamp, is looking the most likely right now.

So there you have it, the initial plan.  Time will tell just what and how much gets done but whatever the outcome is hopefully the journey will be fun.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Another couple of tracks by ELO.  I couldn’t decide between “Rock’n Roll is King” and “Don’t Bring Me Down” so I went with both.  Great video’s accompany each although “Rock’n Roll is King” steals it for me.  Some brilliant movie clips in this one including “The Breakfast Club”, “Pulp Fiction”, The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Back to the Future”, “Love Actually” and “Footloose” (the remake).  I must sit down and watch all of them once again!

This week TIM has been watching …

Mission Impossible:  Fallout.

I do love a true story!

Image result for mission: impossible – fallout


Until next time.


The News at TIM -Mid Week Musings (No: 40)

Welcome to this weeks Musings and to 2019.  Happy New Year to you all.


2018 – That Was The Year That Was

This being the first week of the New Year it seemed appropriate to review the modelling year just gone.  So, where to start?

Well the first question I guess is just when should a year end review take place, just before the end of the year (as some of you have done and excellent write ups they were too by the way) or at the dawn of the new one?  Well, after much soul searching I reached the conclusion that it doesn’t much matter at all and I suspect none of you could give a toss anyway.  Besides I expect you are all still nursing hangovers even though this is 2019 day 2.

So, where to start?

Looking back I surprised myself with just how many models I actually produced.  Whilst a long way short of the numbers that Azazel and others produce I managed to create 35 or so vignettes and dioramas along with a good many stand alone figures which I couldn’t be arsed to count.  No wonder I’m struggling to find a home for all of them!

Overall I’m pleased with most of what I done but there were disappointments.  Not everything works out the way you hope.  An idea which seems exciting at the time can unfortunately look shit when finished.  One such example was a little diorama that I put together called “Lights, Camera, Action!”.


It wasn’t so much that the end result was that bad, more a case of it not turning out the way I had imagined it.  Definitely a concept I’d like to revisit at some point.

On a more positive note the WW1 timeline figures which I started in 2017 and completed in early 2018 were, at the time, quite a departure for me and one that I came to enjoy.  They also helped to establish myself at the Plymouth Model Club which was also significant on a personal level.  I also dabbled throughout the year with Reaper fantasy figures, another area which a year or so ago I would never have thought about doing.  So glad that I did, really enjoyed doing those and in particular the freedom of colour choice.

Do I have some personal model favorites?  Well yes I do.

“Fantasy Island” caused a bit of a stir at the time and represented my 100th blog post.  It provided something of a challenge to do and was a little different as well.  I entered a couple of competitions with it getting two third places which I was happy about, particularly as I had never entered any competitions before.


Another favorite was “The Dragon Slayer”.  Another fantasy based model which again provided something different and I loved doing this one from start to finish.  I even surprised myself with how well this one turned out (probably shouldn’t say that, a bit like laughing at your own jokes).  Seems this one went down well with the viewing public too, with 85 views, 58 comments and 25 likes it’s been my most successful post to date.  Looks like another dragon is on the cards.

My aim is to enter this one into a couple of competitions in 2019 and although I don’t expect to win anything I will be interested to see how it gets on and what other people think.


Last of all, and possibly my personal favorite was Rooster Cogburn.  A return to my Old Wild West roots and 54mm scale.  It had been a while since I did a 54mm figure and the difference between painting at this scale and 28mm is significant, well to me it is.  Painting horses using oil paints is a joy and this one came up pretty good.  How good we will have to see.  Another possible competition entrant but the standard in the single figure class is amazing but hey, if you don’t buy a lottery ticket you can’t win can you?


Last year also saw me trying out some new techniques.  Making trees and buildings mainly come to mind and if the tutorials I also put together have been helpful then that is simply an added bonus.

My blog itself has grown a bit too.  I have a few more followers than I did this time last year and whilst I will never reach numerical dizzy heights I do love the banter with those of you who participate.  Not just banter but some great feedback and ideas too, valuable stuff.  It’s tempting to list you all but I will end up leaving someone out which will piss us both off and then I’ll get abuse and lose a follower and the world as I know it will cave in and I just don’t need the aggro at the start of the year and neither do you.  I have enough of that from She Who Must Be Obeyed and from my 15 year old daughter She Who Thinks She Should Be Obeyed Too (if you have ever seen the film “Uncle Buck” you’ll have some idea of where my daughter’s attitude is right now).

I will however just make reference here though to Azazel’s monthly challenges as they are inspirational and motivational to us all and I hope to participate in as many as possible throughout 2019 although January is looking extremely dodgy already.

Publication of my modelling memoirs – This Is Me! – caused me some angst.  Should I or shouldn’t I? In the end I decided what the hell and adopted the Fleet Street maxim of publish and be damned.  On reflection I’m not entirely sure it was a great idea but fuck it, it’s too late now!

The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings continues to surprise me.  Firstly because it’s still going and secondly because they get more views that my model posts.  Has to be a message there don’t you think?  The aim of my Musings is to try to put a smile on peoples faces and create the occasional debate and if that only works every now and then that makes it worth while to my mind.  The world needs more fun and if I can add to that by generating the odd smile here and there then so be it!  Perhaps this year we might even be able to crank it up a bit.  Remember I’m Ginger, you can have fun at my expense too!

Last of all but by no means least comes the Plymouth Model Club.  I continue to enjoy it.  It’s been great fun and meeting interesting people at various events has been an added bonus.  The competitions have also been enjoyable and I managed to pick up 3 silvers and 3 bronzes from the two I entered.  Maybe next year I might be able to go one step further but it wont be the end of the world if I don’t.  More than anything they are a source of inspiration and motivation just like the monthly challenges and if it helps me to improve then so much the better.

Next week I’ll try and put together a plan for the year ahead.  Of course it wont be worth the paper it’s written on but you’ve got to start somewhere.

If you have any thoughts on ideas for 2019 don’t be shy, feel free to comment.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts and “I Hate Myself for Loving You”.

I thought I would dedicate this to all of you!

Fancied a bit of Rock and this young lady made for a pretty hot rock chick at the time this track came out.  Sadly I don’t think she looks a patch on what she used to and it’s not all down to age.  Shame.

This week TIM has been watching …

Red Sparrow.

Image result for red sparrow

Knowing that the Christmas TV would be crap yet again I decided to keep this DVD on hold for something to fall back on.  After the parents went home, the wife nodded off and the daughter went back to hibernate in her room I decided to sit down and enjoy a couple of hours of watching Jennifer Lawrence.

I can’t say I knew a great deal about the film but the synopsis appealed to me so I decided to take a punt on it.  Turned out to be a real bonus.  Not only was it an excellent story with an unexpected twist at the end but Jennifer, a future Mrs TIM if only the planets would align (never let it be said I’m not an optimist) can be seen getting her kit off!


Until next time.  Happy New Year.


The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 39)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!



This time next week Christmas Day will be over and Boxing Day will have begun.  As a consequence this is my last Musings of 2018.  It is therefore appropriate to wish each and every one of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I hope you all enjoy the festivities whatever you have planned and I look forward to reading and following your blogs into 2019.


She Who Must Be Obeyed

I feel I must give SWMBO an honorary mention as it is her birthday on 22nd December.  It’s not just any old birthday, it’s her 60th.  What do you give the women who has everything, including me?  Yes that’s right, nothing.

To be fare a December birthday that close to Christmas is a nightmare.  Unrealistic to go away, pointless going out for a meal when everywhere is rowdy and all that is being served is turkey and hopeless getting people together when everyone is off to their respective families.  In short a disaster and one best deferred until the New Year.

Of course this is my interpretation not hers.  I’ll let you know how well my sales pitch is received in the New Year.  In the meanwhile I’m still trying to get my head around the idea of sleeping with someone who when I was a kid would have been the age of my granny.


Model Feminism

Let me say up front I’m not anti women nor am I a racist or homophobic.  If I don’t like someone or take exception to what they say it’s because I don’t like them or what they have to say.  One of my best mates is gay and I know and like many people from different ethinic backgrounds.  I’ve also had several women bosses over the years one of whom was probably the best boss I’ve ever had and I didn’t have to sleep with her to get on which on reflection was a shame.  The problem is some of people within these groups need to seriously lighten up.  As far as I am concerned I’m with Ricky Gervais in that there is nothing, and I mean nothing that cannot be laughed at and taken the piss out of.  There is only one rule and that is that you have to be able to give it out as well as take it.  As a ginger I’ve been taking it for years!

So where is this leading to?

Well I recently got embroiled in a conversation, quite how I’m not entirely sure.

At a recent gathering I found myself chatting to a women I had never met before and of all things found myself talking about modelling.  To be more specific the Plymouth Modelling Club.  I didn’t pick up straight away that she was some sort of feminist, partly because I was looking at her ample chest rather than registering what she actually had to say.  It was when she said “don’t you think you ought to do more about it?” that I realized that she had asked me a question.

Trying to remember quickly what I had been nodding my head in response to I recalled her asking how many women there were at the club.  Unsurprisingly there are none (you can’t count one of the young lads mum because she has to bring him and stay at the meetings because he can’t drive).

Although I pointed out that women were more than welcome to join (my witty “the pretty the better” remark wasn’t received terribly well) it was probably perceived as a male only club, a remark which was equivalent to lighting the blue touch paper and standing well clear, or so it seemed.

At this point she seemed to go off on one which was shortly followed by my having had enough.  Big chest she may have had but I couldn’t listen to her ranting on any longer.  Bringing the subject to a close I told her that when the WI allows male members and changes its name from the Women’s Institute and when the local swimming pool brings to an end female only swim sessions when there is no male equivalent, then she should feel free to come back and preach to me.

Just to be clear, the Plymouth Model club is open to women although I’m not sure how successful the advert “Plymouth Modelling Club seeks Females for club nights and Exhibitions” will prove to be.


This week TIM has been listening to …


Well that’s not entirely true, what I thought I would do as it’s Christmas week was to nominate my favorite Christmas song.  To my surprise this was tougher than I thought it would be.  It was easy to dismiss everything by Cliff Richard and Paul McCartney simply because their contributions are, to put it mildly, shit.

I Believe In Christmas by Emerson, Lake and Palmer was a candidate, so to was Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon and Fairy Tale of New York by the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.  If I went down the romantic route then East 17 with Stay Another Day would have won through.

As it turns out I like more Christmas songs than I realized but a decision for the number one spot had to be made and so in the end I went for …

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizard.

A fun song which is what it should all be about at the end of the day.  Besides Roy Wood shouting “OK you lot, take it” has to be a classic line.

This week TIM has been watching …


Yes, you’ve guessed it, that’s not entirely true either.  I thought I would nominate my favorite festive film.  Not quite so hard for me this time round although to be fare there are some decent nominations.   After some deliberation I decided to go for …

Love Actually.

The film has a great cast and some great moments.  I could have gone for any number of brilliant clips but chose to go with “Colin’s Trip To America”.  Having been state side myself I can vouch for how true this scenario plays out.  I guess we English just have what it takes.  Meanwhile I’m off to Wisconsin for Christmas.


Until the New Year.


The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 37)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!


Modelling Pretensions

Having been to a few model shows now it’s clear to me that accuracy is very, very important to a great many show attendees and participants.  In fact some people I’ve encountered seem to take great delight in highlighting inaccuracies.  It’s one thing to take constructive comments from peers and respected experts, it’s another matter entirely when the critique is from pretentious twats who can’t model to save their lives and just want to put people down.  From my point of view it takes great deal of will power not to give them a smack!

Now don’t get me wrong, as far as I am concerned I try to be as accurate as I can be or on occasions want to be.  I wouldn’t paint a WW2 British Uniform blue for example but if the colour I have painted is not quite the right pan tone of khaki then to put it bluntly I couldn’t give a toss, I’m not about to go to bed worrying about it.  In any event weathering plays havoc with colours anyway so who’s to say exactly what shade of khaki it should be at any given time in the life of the uniform?  Sadly though this matters a great deal to some people, I just don’t happen to be one of them.

To be fare the highest level of accuracy possible is key for some people and for them this is what modelling is all about.  I do get that and respect it, each to their own.  Personally I don’t have that level of knowledge or desire to replicate microscopic detail to the lengths some people will go to.  For example, as long as a vehicle has a registration plate number then that’s good enough for me, if it’s the wrong one for a particular regiment then I figure 99.9% of people aren’t going to notice anyway.  Overall what matters to me is does the piece look good?

Now while I can at least comprehend the level of detail some people will go to for historical pieces I do however draw the line when dealing with non-historical models.  There is a new wave of critic out there which is rather disturbing.

When I was at Telford I was asked if one of the wizards I was displaying would really have a cloak the colour I had painted it?  This wasn’t a wizard figure which featured in a movie or anything, just a one off model unrelated to anything.


It’s a fantasy figure I told him, it can be any colour I, you or anybody else wants it to be, it’s not fucking real!

I didn’t make a dent.


Autumn (or Fall) and it can only mean one thing …

… yep you guessed it, time to get the leaf cutter out!

The leaves gathered during their various colour changes are nicely drying and when I’ve grown bored of watching paint dry I shall start to build up my stock for the New Year.

Exciting times people, exciting times.


What do you plan to do with your new display case TIM?

For those of you who were kind enough to wonder what I might have planned for my recent acquisition the answer is a western town scene.  Not sure how many buildings I will be able to fit on it but at a guess I’d say four or five.  It’s something which I’ve always wanted to do so now is the time to actually begin to make it happen.  Don’t expect to see anything soon though.  There is much to plan and buy.

In the meantime there are a lot of other things to do.


This week TIM has been listening to …

John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett

Who?  You may well ask.  To be honest if you’ve heard of them I’d be very impressed but nowhere near as impressed if you like them too.  To be fare I did say my music taste was random!

I was introduced to these guys by my brother many, many years ago and for reasons which are hard to explain I absolutely love their first album.  The first album was simply called “John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett” and is full of great tracks as far as I am concerned.  Their follow up album entitled “Deep and Meaningless” is made up of the tracks which were not considered good enough for the first album but the two albums were put on a combined CD which is the cover that appears below.

The two of them never really made it to the big time although they did appear once on Top of the Pops and the Old Grey Whistle Test, two UK music shows of yesteryear.  They tour constantly and have done for years, playing at small venues up and down the country.  Often Otway is on his own because he and Wild Willy often fall out with each other.  I can see why they would because Otway is a complete nutter.

In Tavistock which is a couple of miles from where I live we have a small venue and Otway visits every few years or so.  I saw him on his own in 2007 and the whole performance is available on YouTube in two parts, just search John Otway Tavistock and both should appear. I’ve also saw him with Wild Willy a couple of years back and that was another great evening as well.  Very different live and highly entertaining.  I even had a nice chat and a beer with Otway at the 2007 gig, he’s that kind of guy.  In fact at one point, believe it or not, you could even pay to have a place on his tour bus and go on tour with him.  For all I know you still can, I’ll have to check it out.  Anyway the guys are legends are as far as I am concerned.

Below are a couple of links.

First up is a video from one of the live shows where he does his take on “House of the Rising Sun”.  Unique audience participation in my opinion.  Worth a quick read of some of the comments too.

Next we have “Bluey Green” a nice little song and one of my all time favorites for reasons I wont go into but I love the tune and the lyrics.  Gets me every time.


This week Tim has been watching …


Not the recent TV serious but the classic original starring Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis to name but two of an amazing cast list.  I’ve been toying with the idea of delving into SAGA and Gangs of Rome, not to play but to paint a few figures of the period.  Not top of my “To Do List” right now but on the list that’s for sure.

As for the film?  Simply awesome.


Until next time.




The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 36)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!


The Unforeseen Implications of Being Impulsive

One of the many traders at the recent Telford show was Paul, a chap I know who runs a company called “Just Bases”.  We got talking as I was browsing his stand and he mentioned that he was looking to gradually wind down his business over the next year as he was aiming to retire.  How quickly he would realize this was to some extent dependent upon how soon he shifted his stock, especially the larger items which didn’t sell as well but which he was willing to part with at a knock down price.

By a nice coincidence something I’d been checking out recently was the idea of buying a large perspex display case for a project I have in mind and the one thing I learnt straight away was they don’t come cheap.  In fact for the bespoke size I was looking at (100cm x 30cm x 26cm approximately) I could expect to see little change out of £150.00 or more. So, out of idle curiosity I asked Paul how much a particular base was which had caught my eye and he told me I could have it for £50.00!

Without further ado the deal was struck, the case was bought and I was a happy bunny.

Happy that is until I realized I had no room in the car to bring it home!  Had I taken the estate car then I would have been fine but I drove up to Telford in my beloved two seater and coming all the way home at night, in November with the top down and it pissing down with rain wasn’t going to happen.

Fortunately Paul came to my rescue and agreed to drive it back for me and on the Saturday just gone I collected it from him.


Not surprisingly She Who Must be Obeyed was curious to know where I thought it was going to go and needless to say all my well considered ideas were given the thumbs down so for now it sits across an armchair in our upstairs conservatory!

Still at a loss as to where to put the thing until I get to use it, divine intervention and an “idea” from SWMBO provided a solution.

The divine intervention came on Sunday, the day after I collected the case from Paul, in the form of the garage fridge/freezer breaking.  Now we only had this fridge/freezer because a few years back we used to have our own pigs which we kept on a nearby farm and reared for pork and bacon.  It was great fun until they went for slaughter and then the kids got upset like kids do and eating there pets no matter how nice they were didn’t seem to console them very much either.  After the pigs went SWMBO took over the fridge/freezer and expanded her empire beyond the kitchen and utility room and into “my” garage.

Now the way I saw it the broken fridge/freezer would go to the dump and the vacant space would be mine and serve as an ideal temporary home for the newly acquired perspex case.  As luck would have it SWMBO saw it that way too.   Unfortunately she also saw the need for a replacement fridge/freezer and a revamp of the utility room where she wanted it to go!

What The f**k!

It seems SWMBO had it all thought out.

“The dog (Buddy) and his bed can move to the hall, one of the work tops can be shortened, the notice board can move to another wall, the electrics can be “jiggled” with, the shelf unit can go and it can all be decorated”.

“Oh, and the new fridge/freezer is being delivered by John Lewis on Wednesday (that’s actually this morning by the way!)”.

What the f**k!

“… and just when am I going to get any modelling done?”


This week TIM has been …

F*****g decorating!

This week TIM has been listening to …

The sodding radio while he’s been bloody decorating!

I don’t like the radio much, the repetitive adverts drive me up the wall and the playlists seem to be the same show after show too.  One catchy little number seemed to get played a fare bit and as a consequence grew on me.  It sounds like it belongs to the 80s but apparently it’s new(ish), well to me anyway.  I found it on YouTube and the link is below.  The guy looks a little odd, the dodgy haircut doesn’t help but the girl is rather hot.

This week TIM has been watching …

Men Behaving Badly

This seemed rather apt given the week I’ve been having.  Fortunately, while waiting for paint to dry in the utility room, I have found some time to do some modelling this week but it’s been bits here and there so far.  As a consequence I thought half hour episodes would be better than trying to watch a feature length film.

It’s best to ignore series one which featured a miscast Harry Enfield and jump strait to series two and beyond which starred Neil Morrissey instead.

Another timeless classic where the comedy is as good now as it was when first aired.


Until next time.


The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 35)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!


Making the right choice! 

As modellers we are used to making decisions when confronted with choices.  What colour scheme?  What to paint next?  What to buy next?  You get the idea.

Life however isn’t just about modelling and occasionally life throws us some tough choices which, like it or lump it, we have to make decisions on.  Some people bury there head in the sand, others take a lead role and others do as instructed by others.  One way or another we’ve all had to make difficult choices and they don’t get much tougher than this one.




Sticking with difficult choices …

This is, believe it or not, first and foremost a modelling blog but if you live in the UK it’s been pretty difficult to avoid the subject of Brexit just lately.  If you listen to either camp it would appear Armageddon is just around the corner.  Put simply we are heading for disaster and our media can’t get enough of it, or so it appears to me.  Now it won’t surprise you to know that I have a view on the subject.  Without getting to technical I would best describe the whole process, irrespective of which way anyone voted, as complete and utter bollocks.

There has been much talk about the impact on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the customs union, defense and the free movement of people, etc, etc, and last week a 585 page document was published outlining the deal on the table.  Now I doubt many of you have taken the trouble to read this tome but I have and I was disturbed to learn that there is not a single mention about the implications for modellers and modelling!  The government claims to have the interest of everybody at the heart of what they do but clearly this is not the case.

Modellers have been totally overlooked and quite frankly that’s not good enough!


Politicians and Hobbits 

Continuing with the political theme and making choices …

I’m sorry to say that I wouldn’t trust a politician further than I could throw one.  This of course begs the question “what politicians, if any, can you trust?”.  Well, if we base our trust on the basis of how far a politician can be thrown then we can immediately rule out all the heavy ones.  With all the will in the world we ain’t about to pick those mothers up.  Any attempt to do so would almost certainly put our backs out.

I think it is also safe to rule out ethnic minority politicians and female politicians too.  In a world gone mad the risk of picking up a politician from either group would almost certainly result in claims of either racism, sexual harassment or both.  I think it is also reasonable to assume that attempting to throw a politician with a disability would be described as both inappropriate and insensitive regardless of how good the intention for doing so was.

Although by no means certain, by my reckoning the only politicians with the potential to be trusted based on how far they can be thrown are non disabled white male dwarfs.

Personally I think JRR Tolkein reached a similar conclusion.  It cannot be a coincidence that he trusted the Hobbits to go in search of the ring can it?


This week TIM has been listening to …

ZZ Top.

Hard to find fault with these guys in regard to their taste in cars and women.  Facial hair on the other hand …

Two of my favourites – “Gimme All Your Lovin'” and “Sharpe Dressed Man”.  Play LOUD!


This week TIM has been watching …

The Inbetweeners.

Not sure how available this series is across the globe but if you haven’t seen it, aren’t offend by foul language and are willing to reflect honestly on you own miss spent youth it’s almost impossible not to relate to these guys.  Watching the series from start to finish along with the two films for the umpteenth time and it gets better or worse every time.

Personally it feels like a biography as far as I am concerned.  Impossible to watch without fond memories, uncomfortable squirming and pissing myself with laughter.  Perhaps it’s just me!


Until next time.


The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 34)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!

Pessimist, Realist or Optimist? Post Telford Update

… and the winner was … The Realist!

Well not really a surprise but as predicted the audience and participants pretty much comprised of ageing men and fathers and their sons.  To be fare there were women about but they were very few and far between, either that or they were simply avoiding me at all costs.  As a consequence I never got to discuss the finer points of “how far do you think I  should dip my brush” , “do you have a favorite tool?” and “the best way to strip a lovely figure”. 

I shall retain my optimism and hope that next year I will meet the young lady featured in The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 33) but suspect by then that the following may well be more applicable!



Post Telford Review

As mentioned in previous posts this was my first visit to Telford and hopefully it will prove to be the first of many.  I was told prior to attending that it was the biggest event of its kind in Europe.  I don’t know for sure if that’s true but it is without a doubt a very sizeable event.  I appreciate such events aren’t every ones cup of tea but as a participant and as a visitor I did thoroughly enjoy it.

To help those of you who have never been a photo below to provide some perspective.  The photo is of one of three equally sized exhibition halls.  There is also a very large space dedicated to competition entries.  The photo was taken before the doors were opened to the general public which is why it looks sparse.


Over the course of the two days I managed to talk to a great many people both in respect of my own models, those of the Plymouth club and of course their own modelling interest.  All very nerdy I grant you but its my hobby and it’s nice to spend time with like minded people rather than have the piss taken out of me by my son and daughter even though I love them both dearly.

If I’m honest the event favors those who are more into kit building, be that planes, tanks, cars or whatever, rather than figures.  The traders pretty much mirrored this too.  That said there were plenty of figures being exhibited and several traders had figures to sell so I was kept more than happy.

On the down side, or the up side pending your take on it, it was very easy to spend a lot of money.  I went with a budget and am pleased to say that I spent far more than I intended to!  Initially I wasn’t concerned until I realized I had to get everything passed SWMBO when I got home.  Fortunately I conceived a cunning plan on the way home.  By stopping at the motorway services a couple of times to grab a burger and shake I was able to return home late enough for her to be in bed given that Monday was a school day and she had to be up for our daughter!  From talking to other modellers this kind of clandestine approach is not uncommon which leads me to think modellers would make great drug smugglers.

I was tempted to provide you guys with lots of photo’s but since arriving home several video’s have sprung up on YouTube which will provide a far better insight than I can.  If you’re interested simply search under “IPMS Telford 2018”.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Edwin Starr.

The nice thing about a 4 hour car journey to Telford (and back again) is I get to play music as loud as I like and without being moaned at by either SWMBO or the kids.  As a consequence I got to listen to a lot this week, far to much to mention really so I picked out one track which was relevant to the journey home.

I should perhaps point out that I was about 100 miles away at the time and driving!

Best played very loud.


This week TIM has been watching …

The above track always reminds of a film called “Adventures In Baby Sitting”.  It’s a film my kids both enjoyed when they were both a bit younger.  But for one “F” bomb it’s a great family film if your kids are of a suitable age and it also has a great soundtrack which includes Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones and Real Wild Child by Iggy Pop.  Anyway, nostalgia got the better of me so I’ve been watching it while trying to make progress with my current diorama.

The 1987 film stars a rather hot Elizabeth Shue and arguably worth a watch for that alone.


Until next time!






The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 33)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!


This weekend is the Telford International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) show.  I can’t speak with any authority on the event as it will be my first visit.  I’m told it’s a huge event and that I should take a lot of money with me!  I’m not sure how tempted I will be, plastic kits aren’t generally my thing, but I’m attending with an open mind and will provide an update in next weeks Musings.

Getting ready for the event as well as being away for four days has resulted in not being able to model as much as I would like since last week.  Hopefully I will be able to complete a figure for my Saturday post but my planned update on my “Operation Overlord” diorama will have to wait for at least another week as I simply haven’t done enough on the third building.

Pessimist, Realist or Optimist?

Pending who you speak to some people would describe me as a Pessimist.  Of course there are times when this would be accurate.  In reality there are times when I would argue that the glass isn’t so much half empty but actually it has fuck all in it.  Fortunately such dark days are in the minority.

Now personally I would argue I am a Realist who on occasions is extremely optimistic.  In an attempt to prove this let’s consider Telford this coming weekend.

If I put my Pessimist hat on then I would envisage an event which is not as good as I have been led to believe and with very few people in attendance.  I don’t see that happening.  I’m not a Pessimist.

Wearing my Realistic hat I foresee a huge event, well attended by an audience made up almost entirely of old men and dads and their sons.  Would anybody bet against this being the case?  Probably not.  I am a Realist.

Now if I put my Optimistic hat on top of my Realist hat, which I’m inclined to do every once in a while, then I anticipate the following …


I’ll let you know what transpires.

This week TIM has been watching …

Bohemian Rhapsody.


Yes, I’ve been off to the cinema once again, this time to see Bohemian Rhapsody starring Rami Malek who is simply stunning in his performance of Freddie Mercury.  If you like Queen I can’t imagine you not loving this film, it is simply superb and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it isn’t the biggest box office film of the year in the UK, it certainly deserves to be.

This week TIM has been listening to …


Given how much I enjoyed the film it was almost impossible not to come home and get my Queen CDs out.  I love this group so picking a couple of tracks for this post was quite a challenge.  In the end I settled for posting the link to their iconic performance at the Live Aid concert.  If you watch this and get to see the film the comparison (all be it with a couple of track omissions in the film) is stunning.

Live performances don’t get better than this!


Until next time.




The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 32)

Welcome to this week’s Musings!

Inspired by a recent comment by Azazel I bring you …

TIM’s 12 Laws of Modelling

  1. The “To Do List” only gets longer;
  2. The increase in the neglected pile is directly proportional to the number of recent items bought;
  3. Modelling is only stress free when you don’t give a shit what the end result looks like;
  4. How right it looks matters far more than how accurate it is;
  5. Only when a figure becomes obsolete do you realize how much you should have bought it when you had the chance;
  6. Only when you have implemented a solution to a problem do you find a better way to have resolved it;
  7. No matter how much you clear your working space there is always something in the way;
  8. Only when you sit down to start modelling will you remember (or be reminded) that there was something else you had to do first;
  9. Disruptions only happen at critical construction/painting moments;
  10. Essential items required to complete a model only run out when the shops are closed;
  11. The item you have set your heart on will always be out of stock;
  12. The model show you most want to go to will always clash with another event you cannot get out of.

Please feel free to add to the list or highlight a favorite!

This week TIM has been listening to …

Robert Palmer.  Two classic tracks, firstly “Addicted to Love” (Tina Turner does a great cover of this too by the way) followed by “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)”.

Oh, and for anyone who thinks the two videos are a tad sexist for today’s sensitive community check out Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Women” video produced many years after Robert Palmer’s.  I wonder where she got the idea from?  That’s equality for you!

This week TIM has been watching …

The Detectorists.

Had my brother not put me onto this series it would have passed me by and as it turns out that would have been a shame.  For those of you who may not have heard of the show it features Mackenzie Crook (The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean), is set in rural England and is about a Metal Detecting club and its members.  Sounds bazaar but it works.  Well my brother and I think it does.

So far there have been three series of six episodes along with a Christmas special or two.  A bit like Marmite (Vegemite) I guess you will love it or hate it but I’ll throw it out there for you to make up your own mind or comment on if you have seen it.

One thing that it does highlight for me is that there is comedy gold to be had in all walks of life regardless of how random the subject is.  When the time comes to put down my painting brushes I think I’m going to have a go at writing about the adventures of the modelling and blogging community.  An untapped source if ever there was one.

From here on in you better watch what you say!

Did you know …

Viagra is widely used in hospitals to stop little old men from rolling out of bed?


Until next time.