Azazel March Challenge (Part 1 – Gender Ambiguous)

For reasons I cannot begin to explain, last week when I posted details of my little German chap it seems some of you, maybe all of you, saw a waspish character as the first image.  Not surprisingly this created some confusion with a few of you bringing the matter to my attention.  Like I say, I have no idea how or what happened; when I went into edit mode all I could see was my fully intended post.  All very odd.

As far as I can tell the image seen was one of the three photos below.


The figure is a “Wasp Jump Trooper” and one of three I bought for a little diorama I have planned.  Then Azazel added to the March Squad challenge with “Gender Ambiguous” so I thought I would complete the figure with the exception of the basing.

There wasn’t a great deal more to be done.  I wanted to apply gloss varnish and do something more with the wings.   Gloss varnish was a bit of a gamble so I would be interested in your thoughts on whether it looked better matt or as it is now.  The wings needed some interest so I went for a free hand pattern which I could repeat on both wings top and bottom.

The “final” figure is below.


DSC_0030DSC_0035DSC_0034DSC_0031 (1)DSC_0032 (1)


28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 3)

No Musings this week as I needed to complete the final two figures for Alex’s “Fembruary” challenge.  We also have my brother and his wife coming down for a long weekend and I simply don’t have the time.  Yeah, yeah you’re all gutted I know! 😉

I must say I have really enjoyed painting these Hasslefree figures, it made for a nice change.  I will certainly be doing more of them that’s for sure.

First up we have “Veda-Ann” followed by “Gwendolyne”.  Mess with these ladies at your peril.  The only thing really to say on the painting front is in respect of Gwendolyne.  To produce metallic colours I mix Humbrol enamel silver with which ever colour oil paint I want the colour to be, in this case blue.

Photos below along with a group shot of all six young ladies representing TIM’s Harem!



28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 2)

Part 2 of my contribution to Alex’s “Fembruary” challenge.

Two more ladies from Hasslefree Miniatures the first of which is “Alicia”, the second is a young lady called “Boudi”.  Now here is the big question.  If these ladies were real then given the choice would you choose Alicia or Boudi?  Personally, and to avoid upsetting either, I’d choose both.

Four down, two more to go but time running out!

Photos below.





28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 1)

A little while ago I purchased a few items from Hasslefree, female figures from their Fantasy Human range.  To be more specific I bought two each of six different figures.  The aim was to paint and keep one of each and try to sell the other on Ebay (more on that in the continuing story “TIM’s Ebay Adventure” in my Mid Week Musings Special).   In my opinion the figures are fantastic sculpts and true 28mm scale with everything suitably in proportion.  As much as I liked the figures the ones intended for my collection weren’t top of my to do list but that changed when I read about Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge.

As a consequence of “Fembruary” I’ve pushed getting them painted to the top of my pile.  The first two figures are now painted and I hope to have the others completed before the end of the month.  If I do then I’ll put together a group shot.

So, first up we have “Lenore”.  Some of you might think I’m shallow enough to have been attracted to her because of her thigh high boots, if you thought that then you would have been right.  I am that shallow!  When I proposed to She Who Must Be Obeyed about 40 years ago this figure would have represented the mental image I had of what lay ahead. The second figure “Sana” is more in keeping with the reality!

What the female of the species promises versus what they deliver isn’t always the same thing.  Think Black Widow Spider!

Photo’s below.



28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Aravir, Elf Ranger

My intended post this weekend was a further update on my “Operation Overlord” diorama but progress was hampered by preparing for and going to the Telford IPMS show (where I am now!).  Fortunately I was able to finish the final Reaper figure I bought a while ago (I will be buying some more!) and arrange for this post to be scheduled for publishing.

So here we have Aravir an Elf Ranger.

I rather liked this little lady, she provided a nice lot of detail to paint.  Being an elf it seemed appropriate to go for fauna and flora base work.  I saw an image on-line of someone who had applied heavy make up to the eyes which I rather liked and thought it would be different so I gave it a go.  I also chose to go with metallic green for her armour, mixed using silver enamel with sap green oil paint and blended with a small amount of white spirit.

Images of the completed figure below.


DSC_0860DSC_0894 (1)DSC_0890 (1)DSC_0863DSC_0893 (1)DSC_0865DSC_0892 (1)

28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Morrdha Vampire Noble

The down time while I waited for things to dry on the buildings for my WW2 diorama “Operation Overlord” gave me the opportunity to finish another Reaper mini, this time “Morrdha” a Vampire Noble.

This was a nice little Reaper mini to do and provided another small opportunity to do some free hand painting on the pages of the book and on the sword.  Neither is particularly exciting or overly adventurous but it was fun to do and hopefully added a little more interest.

Little to say about the figure itself, a one piece casting with a nice lot of detail to pick out.  Another vampire and another white face making it a little different from typical flesh painting when it comes to shadows and highlights.  Painted using acrylics and oils.

Photo’s of the completed model below.



DSC_0872 (1)DSC_0874 (1)DSC_0889DSC_0890DSC_0875 (1)

28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Wizard Domur High Mage

Work continues nicely on my WW2 Diorama – Operation Overlord but as anticipated there is significant down time as I wait to for things to dry before I can continue to the next stage.  This down time, which will be ongoing during the build, will enable me to complete some outstanding figures starting with the remaining Reaper figures that I have.  I think I have two to do after this one, although do have plans to buy more!

According to the Reaper site:

“This Reaper 25th Anniversary metal miniature is entitled Domur, High Mage. A special edition miniature, Domur, High Mage was released February 2017 and is a bearded wizard holding a spellbook”.

The Reaper site also said:

“Reaper 25th Anniversary miniatures are one offs, when they are sold out you’ll not get your hands on them again”.

So I bought one, painted it, based it and here it is!  I rather like the faces which appear in the green magic floating out from the book.

The book, table and candles were scratch built and I used a Greenstuff World rolling pin to produce the cobbled floor.  The table was made from a rustic piece of wood found in the garden for the leg and a button from She Who Must Be Obeyed’s sewing box for the table.  The book was just folded pieces of paper with a little bit of freehand script.  The candles were made using small cut off pieces of paint brush plastic tube protectors stuck to a circle of card made using a hole punch.  Twisted wire was then pushed through the circle of card and up through the plastic tube to create the wick and then the tube was filled with filler and left to dry before painting.

Photos below.





28mm Reaper Dark heaven Legends Mini – The Harbinger

This week I was hoping to post details of my neglected model for the September challenge but things got the better of me and the base I want to put it on still hasn’t arrived in the post yet.  Truly a neglected piece if ever there was one!

So instead my offering is another Reaper miniature.  If you are getting bored with them (I’m not) then you will be pleased to learn that I only have another three to do before I kick on to something different.  The figure reminds me of something IRO would do so I’ll dedicate this piece to him.

I’m not sure I can explain why I went for this one but in a rather horrid way I rather liked the flesh torn horse.  Not a great deal to say other than that.  I tried for a desolate looking base hence the bare tree stumps and no hint whatsoever of vegetation.  Seemed appropriate for the figure in my opinion.

Photos of the completed model below.



DSC_0883 (1)DSC_0882 (1)DSC_0883DSC_0880 (1)DSC_0881 (1)DSC_0882DSC_0885

28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Rafael Maladoni

The next figure from my Reaper to do pile.

Here we have Rafael Maladoni who on the face of it fancied a take away, a light lunch!  Well the figure was certainly one I could get my teeth into (all puns welcome!).

I liked this figure and enjoyed painting it.  Not a lot to say although for the last photo I took onboard IRO’s suggestion of placing a backdrop behind.  I went for a black and white graveyard scene and have to say the photo for a first attempt doesn’t look to bad.  I will definitely look to do more photos like this but it may not be for a little while.  I think I shall take it on as a project to eventually do all new models with a backdrop but I like the idea too of backtracking to do some of the older ones as well.  An ideal subproject to keep me out of mischief during the winter months.

Photos below.


DSC_0901DSC_0898DSC_0897DSC_0879 (1)DSC_089920180809_112850





28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Trista, The White Wolf

Back to modelling!

Another figure in my current series of Reaper miniatures.  Fortunately I had done a lot of this figure before I went on holiday so despite everything that’s going on I managed to finish it off this week.

Some intricate painting on this one sets it a little apart from one or two others recently.  I enjoyed the challenge it provided and also the colour scheme as it was nice to do something in a rather nice blue.

Painting figures is one thing, deciding how to base them is something else entirely.  I decided the blue of the figure some how lent itself to a warmer climate which in turn threw up the idea of a Roman or Greek style pillar.  Not only have I never made a pillar before but I’ve never tried to produce a marble paint effect either.  Had I managed to do this one earlier it might have been a candidate for the August Technical challenge.

The pillar was made using various bits and pieces.  The main element was a simple piece of wooden dowel.  To create the bottom of the pillar I stuck three different sized rubber washers to the dowel which in turn was stuck to a spare square base which I had in my bits box.  The top of the pillar was given a rough cast finish using a little ground cat litter and the corrugated shape of the pillar was created using some cardboard which I ran through my Green Stuff World corrugator tool and then simply stuck it to the dowel.

As for painting the pillar I primed it in white first and then gave it a wash of light brown coloured acrylic.  While it was wet I applied various streaks of black, brown and white to create the veins using a dry brush to blend a little.  I didn’t have to do too much blending because the paint was naturally absorbed by the cardboard.  I repeated the process a couple of times until I was happy (which is to say I reached the stage where it was as good as it was going to get!) before applying a coat of gloss varnish.  The corrugated cardboard created a vertical seam which after painting pretty much disappeared but I decided not to leave it to chance so added some plant life to disguise it completely.

Photos of the completed figure appear below.  Ì didn’t get chance to do a backdrop for the photos, as suggested by IRO, this time around but aim to address that in the next post, or the next one or the one after that!



DSC_0877 (1)DSC_0877DSC_0875DSC_0874DSC_0878DSC_0876 (1)DSC_0880DSC_0879DSC_0876