The Wizard Library – 28mm Box Diorama (Part 3 – Final)

I actually managed to get this little boxed diorama finished at the end of last week, just in time for the Torquay show (more on that in next weeks Miniatures and Musings post).  The good news is you have been spared another a detailed “work in progress” only post.  The bad news is I forgot to take some photo’s off the assembly before it went inside the box.  The consequence of this is that the photo’s taken looking inside the box have some unwanted glare and reflections.  What you do see though is the view as finally intended.

At the end of “Part 2” I was left with a number of things to do.  The figures had yet to be painted, some outstanding scenery items needed painting as well and the electrics had not been done.  Even more worrying was the need to complete the overall assembly.  Now there is a little known rule associated with diorama building and I’m sure Pat will confirm this.  No matter how much you test pieces for fit and accuracy before final assembly you can bet your house on it that it wont go together the way you intended the moment you fucking add glue!  This little number was no exception but a little tweak here and there and I just about got away with it in the end.

First up we have a few more work in progress shots.

This first photo is of the inlaid roof.  Wooden rafters were attached to a suitably sized square of MDF which was then painted.  The LED lights were then added.  The angle of view into the box coupled with the rafters doesn’t allow for the LED’s to be seen.


Next up we have a first view of the wizard and his apprentice.  This was an early photo taken at the time when I was working on composition.  The figures are from Reaper.


Up next we have a couple of images of the two bookcases which are sighted at the rear of the room along with the wizard’s desk and chair.


Wizard and apprentice now painted but the side table still to be finished.


An early test fit of the sides and rear walls.


The finished electrics for the wiring.  A simple battery operated system with an on/off switch.  All concealed by the lid of the box.


The lid of the box actually contains another vision panel.  This needed to be covered up and was done using some thick black card, the type they use for mounts in picture frames, and the diorama title and narrative were added.


Next we have a few pictures of the wizard and his book stand in the lead up to the final push.


So now we come to the finished diorama.

First a basic shot of the box.  For scale the box is a perfect cube measuring 16cm on all sides.


An overhead view of inside the box with the lid up and the ceiling removed.


The remaining photo’s were all taken looking through the front vision panel, the intend view of the completed diorama.  The aim, which I think I have achieved, was to make sure everything could be seen without something else getting in the way.  Without the lights on the box is dark.  The lights, given the background scene, are intended to provide early morning sun rise light.

Hopefully the pictures will allow you to get the idea but as I mentioned at the start, glare and reflection do take the edge of it a bit.


So there you have it, The Wizard’s Library.  In the next post I will let you know how I got on at the Torquay show.



The Wizard Library – 28mm Box Diorama (Part 2)

At long last I managed to get some more work done on this boxed diorama.

While I worked out where I was with the project and what needed to be done next I decided to stain the wooden box.  Nothing exciting in this at all but it needed to be done and allowed me to think about other things at the same time.  Real multi-tasking.  Try not to be blown away by the two photo’s below!


My next step was get the back wall painted.  Again nothing special, just grey paint, shading and dry brushing on top of the chinchilla dust render.  The wooden coffee stirrers were stained too.


The same colour scheme was used for the right hand wall.  The pillar was a simple piece of split wooden dowel with a rubber washer plinth at the bottom. The door was a bought item and the shield above the door was a computer print out.  The shield crest is that of Arthur Pendragon which is apt as will become known when the diorama is finished.


Focus then passed to the left hand wall.  The fireplace was another bought item as were the candlesticks and various bits and bobs which sit on the mantle piece.

I decided the wall looked bare and need some interest and some colour.  To remedy this I chose to make a few “Oil Paintings”.  The pictures themselves were printed on the computer but all the images are of figures which I have painted, mostly  by Reaper.


Next it was time to concentrate on some of the many bits and pieces which will be placed in and around the room.


So that’s pretty much where I am for now.

I have a couple of bookcases to finish painting along with a couple of figures.  The lighting needs to be sorted and I still need to keep an eye on how it will all be assembled in the box.

Plenty of fiddly stuff still to do so not sure yet if the next post will be another work in progress or the completed diorama.  I will also be taking time out to finish another little project I have been working on which may end up being my next post.








Wasp Apocalypse: “Get out of my room!” – A 28mm Diorama

Now what I should have been publishing is part 2 of my Wizard Library boxed diorama but before I went on holiday and since I got back I have been distracted by the desire to complete this model instead.  It is the first of what I hope will be at least a series of three little dioramas with an apocalyptic theme.  There might be more, we will see.

Every now and then I get an idea for a vignette or diorama which excites me for absolutely no reason that I can think off whatsoever.  This is such an example.  I can’t say it’s the best idea I have ever had or that the models are in some way truly outstanding but something goes off in my head which says “yep, you gotta do that one”.  Perhaps it has something to do with being different but in truth I’m not sure.

Some of you may recall that in a recent post in relation to Azazel’s March challenge I featured this figure.



You may also recall that I said the base work hadn’t been completed because it was due to feature in a little diorama which I had planned.  Well this is that little diorama.  Originally titled “Get Out Of My Fucking Room!” but then toned down in case I take it to a show!  I had intended for this to be a two-part post, a work in progress followed by the completed scene but unusually things went well so I decided to treat you to a single post.

Key to the scene as you will see in the photos below is the little girl.  I came across this figure some while ago and just knew I wanted to use it in something and although I had plenty of ideas I wasn’t blown away with anyone in particular.  The figure by the way is from Hasslefree.  That changed when by chance, playing around on Pinterest I think it was, I came across CP Models Wasp Jumpers.  Some how I knew the two had to go together and the end result was this little diorama.

The base measures 4.5cm by 4.5cm, it’s small.  Small bricks, ground plaster board, bits of MDF and a window from my bits box were the primary items for the build.  Small bits of clear plastic were used for broken glass and the wall paper was a computer print out.

The figures themselves were painted using acrylics and some oils.  The wings for the wasps were free hand.  I would have preferred the pattern to have been painted more thinly but on the positive side it is reasonably identical on both wings, above and below, and on both wasps which I am pleased with.  Both wasps were coated in gloss varnish as on balance I think I preferred the slightly more mechanical type finish it gave.

CP Models only do one Wasp jumper figure.  The higher wasp is the one I originally posted and is in the official pose, the second was modified slightly to make it appear a little different.  At one point I thought of only having the one wasp but then decided I rather liked the sinister image of the second appearing above the little girl.  I also considered adding more bits and bobs to the damaged room but with such a small base I thought it would be too much of a distraction from the figures themselves.

So, onto the photos, starting with a few work in progress images.  As always I would be interested to know what you think.  Apologies for some of the photo’s but with a reasonable amount of detail in such a mall area focusing and depth of field proved a challenge!



Azazel March Challenge (Part 1 – Gender Ambiguous)

For reasons I cannot begin to explain, last week when I posted details of my little German chap it seems some of you, maybe all of you, saw a waspish character as the first image.  Not surprisingly this created some confusion with a few of you bringing the matter to my attention.  Like I say, I have no idea how or what happened; when I went into edit mode all I could see was my fully intended post.  All very odd.

As far as I can tell the image seen was one of the three photos below.


The figure is a “Wasp Jump Trooper” and one of three I bought for a little diorama I have planned.  Then Azazel added to the March Squad challenge with “Gender Ambiguous” so I thought I would complete the figure with the exception of the basing.

There wasn’t a great deal more to be done.  I wanted to apply gloss varnish and do something more with the wings.   Gloss varnish was a bit of a gamble so I would be interested in your thoughts on whether it looked better matt or as it is now.  The wings needed some interest so I went for a free hand pattern which I could repeat on both wings top and bottom.

The “final” figure is below.


DSC_0030DSC_0035DSC_0034DSC_0031 (1)DSC_0032 (1)

28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 3)

No Musings this week as I needed to complete the final two figures for Alex’s “Fembruary” challenge.  We also have my brother and his wife coming down for a long weekend and I simply don’t have the time.  Yeah, yeah you’re all gutted I know! 😉

I must say I have really enjoyed painting these Hasslefree figures, it made for a nice change.  I will certainly be doing more of them that’s for sure.

First up we have “Veda-Ann” followed by “Gwendolyne”.  Mess with these ladies at your peril.  The only thing really to say on the painting front is in respect of Gwendolyne.  To produce metallic colours I mix Humbrol enamel silver with which ever colour oil paint I want the colour to be, in this case blue.

Photos below along with a group shot of all six young ladies representing TIM’s Harem!



28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 2)

Part 2 of my contribution to Alex’s “Fembruary” challenge.

Two more ladies from Hasslefree Miniatures the first of which is “Alicia”, the second is a young lady called “Boudi”.  Now here is the big question.  If these ladies were real then given the choice would you choose Alicia or Boudi?  Personally, and to avoid upsetting either, I’d choose both.

Four down, two more to go but time running out!

Photos below.





28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 1)

A little while ago I purchased a few items from Hasslefree, female figures from their Fantasy Human range.  To be more specific I bought two each of six different figures.  The aim was to paint and keep one of each and try to sell the other on Ebay (more on that in the continuing story “TIM’s Ebay Adventure” in my Mid Week Musings Special).   In my opinion the figures are fantastic sculpts and true 28mm scale with everything suitably in proportion.  As much as I liked the figures the ones intended for my collection weren’t top of my to do list but that changed when I read about Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge.

As a consequence of “Fembruary” I’ve pushed getting them painted to the top of my pile.  The first two figures are now painted and I hope to have the others completed before the end of the month.  If I do then I’ll put together a group shot.

So, first up we have “Lenore”.  Some of you might think I’m shallow enough to have been attracted to her because of her thigh high boots, if you thought that then you would have been right.  I am that shallow!  When I proposed to She Who Must Be Obeyed about 40 years ago this figure would have represented the mental image I had of what lay ahead. The second figure “Sana” is more in keeping with the reality!

What the female of the species promises versus what they deliver isn’t always the same thing.  Think Black Widow Spider!

Photo’s below.



28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Aravir, Elf Ranger

My intended post this weekend was a further update on my “Operation Overlord” diorama but progress was hampered by preparing for and going to the Telford IPMS show (where I am now!).  Fortunately I was able to finish the final Reaper figure I bought a while ago (I will be buying some more!) and arrange for this post to be scheduled for publishing.

So here we have Aravir an Elf Ranger.

I rather liked this little lady, she provided a nice lot of detail to paint.  Being an elf it seemed appropriate to go for fauna and flora base work.  I saw an image on-line of someone who had applied heavy make up to the eyes which I rather liked and thought it would be different so I gave it a go.  I also chose to go with metallic green for her armour, mixed using silver enamel with sap green oil paint and blended with a small amount of white spirit.

Images of the completed figure below.


DSC_0860DSC_0894 (1)DSC_0890 (1)DSC_0863DSC_0893 (1)DSC_0865DSC_0892 (1)

28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Morrdha Vampire Noble

The down time while I waited for things to dry on the buildings for my WW2 diorama “Operation Overlord” gave me the opportunity to finish another Reaper mini, this time “Morrdha” a Vampire Noble.

This was a nice little Reaper mini to do and provided another small opportunity to do some free hand painting on the pages of the book and on the sword.  Neither is particularly exciting or overly adventurous but it was fun to do and hopefully added a little more interest.

Little to say about the figure itself, a one piece casting with a nice lot of detail to pick out.  Another vampire and another white face making it a little different from typical flesh painting when it comes to shadows and highlights.  Painted using acrylics and oils.

Photo’s of the completed model below.



DSC_0872 (1)DSC_0874 (1)DSC_0889DSC_0890DSC_0875 (1)

28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Wizard Domur High Mage

Work continues nicely on my WW2 Diorama – Operation Overlord but as anticipated there is significant down time as I wait to for things to dry before I can continue to the next stage.  This down time, which will be ongoing during the build, will enable me to complete some outstanding figures starting with the remaining Reaper figures that I have.  I think I have two to do after this one, although do have plans to buy more!

According to the Reaper site:

“This Reaper 25th Anniversary metal miniature is entitled Domur, High Mage. A special edition miniature, Domur, High Mage was released February 2017 and is a bearded wizard holding a spellbook”.

The Reaper site also said:

“Reaper 25th Anniversary miniatures are one offs, when they are sold out you’ll not get your hands on them again”.

So I bought one, painted it, based it and here it is!  I rather like the faces which appear in the green magic floating out from the book.

The book, table and candles were scratch built and I used a Greenstuff World rolling pin to produce the cobbled floor.  The table was made from a rustic piece of wood found in the garden for the leg and a button from She Who Must Be Obeyed’s sewing box for the table.  The book was just folded pieces of paper with a little bit of freehand script.  The candles were made using small cut off pieces of paint brush plastic tube protectors stuck to a circle of card made using a hole punch.  Twisted wire was then pushed through the circle of card and up through the plastic tube to create the wick and then the tube was filled with filler and left to dry before painting.

Photos below.