“Viharis Tenspire” – a 28mm Reaper Wizard (Ann’s Challenge)

A break this week from OMG! as I promised Ann that I would take part in her challenge.  I enjoy painting all sorts of figures but none more so than the occasional wizard, so I didn’t need much encouragement to enter her challenge.  The brief was “March Might & Magic” and magic doesn’t come much better than a wizard.  I am sure there are other manufactures out there and before too long I will have to check some of them out but for now nobody does a wizard sculpt better than Reaper in my opinion.  The figures and the detail in them are to my mind simply stunning.  As you can probably guess I am a fan!

What we have here is “Viharis Tenspire”.  A lovely mini which I decided to simply base on one of my neighbours wood turned bases he so kindly does for me.  As with most of the wizards their clothing provides plenty of opportunity for free hand painting.

As required by the challenge a picture of the figure in the box followed by the end end result.  One of my personal favourites.

Images below.



DSC_0597 (2)DSC_0603 (2)DSC_0601 (1)DSC_0599 (2)DSC_0598 (2)

DSC_0600 (1)

TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 42)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This week another miniature from Hasslefree one of my very favorite model sites if you weren’t already aware.  This time a pirate from a historic period I like very much but one I have never really embraced in modelling terms.  Might have to put that right at some point.

DSC_0585DSC_0588DSC_0586DSC_0587 (1)DSC_0584


Happy Birthday To Me

A few days ago my blog enjoyed it’s third birthday.  Quite where that time has gone is somewhat of a mystery but I have loved every moment so far and long may it continue.

Engaging with like minded people has been great but one of the other things which has given me a surprising pleasure is seeing where my blog has been viewed across the world.  Now I appreciate that in many of the countries people have stumbled across it by pure chance and having seen it once they have not bothered to look at it again.  However, the fact remains it was viewed there all the same.

Three years into my blog it isn’t very often that someone pops up in a new country to view something I have done.  It was therefore quite a surprise to get three new countries all in one week.  Perhaps it was one person on their travels, who knows?  In any event welcome to Nepal, Qatar and Columbia.


Coronavirus – Self Isolation Week 1

Those who follow this blog will know that I take the current situation seriously.  Despite my personal family circumstances there is a need to remain optimistic, maintain some perspective and above all hang on to a sense of humour.  Failure to do all three of these things will lead to my certain demise.  With 11 of 12 weeks of self isolation to go I thought I would share the highlights of my first week.

Day 1 – Realised I was nearly out of Vallejo Matt Black Model Color.  Placed order for this and some other stuff to take order over £20.00 to get free postage.  Black out of stock.  Modellers stock piling too.  Bugger.

Day 2 – Phoned mum and dad to see how they are getting on in their self isolation.  Spoke to dad.  “I didn’t let the Nazis get me so I’m fucked if I’m gonna let the fucking Chinks get the better or me either!”.  Way you go dad.

Day 3 – Need a haircut.  Just realised I cannot go out to get one for 12 weeks.  Do I shave it all off or grow a pony tail.  Placed an Amazon order for hair clippers.

Day 4 – Tesco Supermarket online order arrived.  Ninety percent of the order missing.  On a positive note they managed to provide toothpaste, dog food and two packs of beer.

Day 5 – Refuse to be beaten by the announcement of the local pub closure.  Have placed a can of beer in every room and am going on a pub crawl.

Day 6 –  She Who Must Be Obeyed insisted on family exercise to Davina McCall keep fit DVD.  Still hung over from yesterday’s pub crawl.  Done back in trying to bend backwards.  Should have done some stretches first.  Bollocks.

Day 7 – Bad back has restricted my movement.  Unable to do much else spent most of the morning picking at a scab on my elbow.  Red cross parcel arrived this afternoon.  More figures, this lot from Reaper.  Happy days!


Well It Made Me Laugh …


This week TIM has been listening to …

Bob Dylan and “The Times They Are A Changin'”.

Seemed appropriate for the circumstances we find ourselves in!


This week TIM has been watching …

“Lawless” starring Tom Hardy.  The title rather than the films content could well be indicative of where we are heading.  Great film with a great cast and based on a true story.  If you have not seen this film then you are missing a treat.

Image result for lawless cast


Remember …

Trying to give up Sexual Innuendos is hard, so very, very hard.




TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 10)

Although most of my blog activity centered around 28mm scale figures my modelling roots were very much in 54mm figures.  Even now it is nice to do a larger figure once in a while but on this occasion I was given a figure by a guy at the modelling club.  He said he would never get around to doing it and wanted to see what I would come up with.  This was the result.  Not my finest piece of work as I look at again now.  Rusty from doing smaller figures!



Off the Work Bench

I was recently given a Pegaso 54mm Comanchero by a guy who didn’t consider himself to be a figure painter. Although my American Civil War diorama is very near completion I thought I would have a break from 28mm figures and paint it. It has been a while since I have painted a 54mm figure and it surprised me how big it was!

An enjoyable project and a welcome distraction but back to finishing my diorama.

Is it just me or am I the only one who has more ideas on what to do next than I have years left to live to complete them?!


OMG! – A 28mm Diorama (Part 2)

Earlier this week it was pointed out to me by “Badktothehammer” that the WordPress phone app had an image on it of the near completed gorge.  How this came to be is a complete mystery to me.  Whilst I was constructing this post in parrallel with build progress of the model I posted nothing so cannot understand how that came to pass.  We will put it down to Gremlins and my incompetence.  In any event the image if you did see it is among those you will see below in this post.

Without further ado and putting all the behind us let’s get started.

Firstly a reminder of where I ended up in Part 1.


This week saw the base and figures arrive as anticipated.  First though it was time to continue with the build.  With the blocks clad and everything dried out it was time to use some good old filler to fill the various gaps and to build up the upper base work.

The next few images, all very unexciting it must be said, show the base being turned up and down while filler is being added.  This is a slightly tedious task but an important one and slowly the outline of the base is coming together.


As the filler dries some more carving was needed to blend with the plaster board.  So far looking good and I am pleased with the way it is shaping up.


Time now to set things to one side and allow to properly cure and dry out.  In the meanwhile time to start working on the tree and where I plan to put it.  I wont go in to detail on how the tree is built because I have covered this before and only recently I posted a two part tutorial in TIM’S Memory Monday.  The image below shows the wire armature constructed and initially positioned.


Another feature of the base is a wooden bridge across the gorge.  The reason for this will become more obvious when the figures get to be placed into position.  The bridge was made using twisted wire and wooden coffee stirrer pieces.  It will be fixed into place later once it has been painted and more ground work has been done.  I did wonder about giving it side supports but decided against it as I want to avoid it blocking out too much of the waterfall.


Next we have an image showing the tree put in place using some Milliput and the finer branches added.


Next work started on adding some finer ground work and doing some painting.  More groundwork will be needed but will only be done once the figures have been painted and can be positioned on the base.  As well as painting the base the tree was also painted along with the bridge.

The next two images below show the tree and bridge being painted and some additional ground work.


Next up it was time to paint the gorge.  This was done using a variety of colours – Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Black and White.  I used some Woodland Scenic paints as the base colours but then moved to oils diluted with white spirit.  The nice thing about plaster board is the paint soaks in and produces natural highlights.

After some painting I began to start the waterfall. The first step was to lay down the top three edges using Woodland Scenics Water Effects.  This stuff is thick and does not run.  It goes on white but after time, quite a lot of time if it is applied thickly like here, it eventually dries clear.  Behind these will be added Realistic Water, in this instance produced by Green Stuff World as their UV product can be dried in seconds using a UV torch.


The next step was to create the waterfalls using Woodland Scenics Water Effects once again.  This is done by simply putting down the effect in strips and once dried applying it to the model.  Woodland Scenics have YouTube articles on how to use their stuff so rather than me attempt to explain how to use them you would be better to watch the videos they have on offer.  Link below.

The next image shows the second waterfall being added with the first having already been done above it.  Despite its white appearence it will all dry clear and then it can be highlighted.  As you can also see my wooden base has arrived and the gorge has now been glued to it.  The water effects has also been added to the bottom of the base to seal the connection between gorge and base.  Realistic Water will be added to this and if not sealed will leak everywhere.


Next a test picture showing the bridge in situ.  Not permanently fixed yet and nor will it be for a little while but I wanted to make sure I was happy with it.  So far so good as far as I am concerned.


Now a couple of images of the lower pool area being worked on.  Firstly with the ground work primed and then with it painted.  Notice the top waterfall cascade is starting to turn from white to clear.  Only taken 48 hours so far!


Happy with the progress being made but much, much more to be done.  Figures not even started (there will be five of them in total), more ground work to be done, tree to be “leafed” and waterfall to be finished to name but a few.  We will see how things go as I also need to do a figure for Ann’s challenge too!



TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 41)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This weeks miniature is another offering from Hasslefree, a buxom young lady who goes by the name of “Yilsa The Believable” (her sister is Unbelievable and you will get to see her soon!).  The figure was one of a few I didn’t manage to get done in time for the Fembruary challenge.  Doubtless the others will follow in the weeks ahead.  Of the figures I purchased I’m sorry to say Yilsa is my least favourite but you can’t win them all.

DSC_0598DSC_0587 (1)DSC_0586DSC_0585DSC_0584 (1)



The way I see it there are two sides to the Coronavirus situation, the serious side and the how do I exploit the situation side.

On the serious side people are dying.  People of a certain age and those with underlying health conditions are it would appear among the most vulnerable.  My son has Cystic Fibrosis and is very much in the high risk group.  He also works in a Supermarket so there is no hiding from the general public and keeping his head down.  Recent government guidelines though are such that my family and I will be going into a 12 week period of self isolation.  It is a concern and as parents it worries the life out of She Who Must Be Obeyed and I a great deal.

There is also my ageing mum (88) and dad (93) to be concerned about as well as my young daughter.  SWMBO and I are now in our 60’s as is my brother and his wife.  We are not of course unique but like everyone else we are it seems powerless to do anything about the matter other than follow the advice we have been given.  Our fate lies in the hands of God or whatever you chose to believe in.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though.  Every cloud has a silver lining.  Whilst some people have elected to stock pile hand gels, toilet paper, tissues and food I have placed numerous orders for vast quantities of figures.  SWMBO didn’t even flinch when I told her I had just spent over £250.00   I have no intention of being bored in isolation.


Well It Made Me Laugh …



This week TIM has been listening to …

Buddy Holly.

As I have said on previous occasions my music taste is wide and varied, from Classical to Rap and everything in between.  Every generations throws up its mix of great and shit music.  Born in 1957 I missed out on what I think was one of the greatest periods in music, good old fashioned Rock and Roll  The American High School era of the 1950’s would be a period I would like to visit if I had a time machine.  Who knows, in parallel universe maybe I am there already having the time of my life!

So why Buddy Holly this week?  Well a few days ago I went to the Wharf in Tavistock a wonderful small venue where tribute bands regularly play and She Who Must Be Obeyed and I went to see Buddy Holly and the Cricketers.  They are an acclaimed band and were simply awesome.  When they played Rave On I was in my element.

The link below is from the movie The Buddy Holly Story starring a very young Gary Busey.  The clip is when the band, the first white act, went to play at the Apollo to a black audience.  It is a legendary moment in rock history.  Three short tracks with Rave On third up.

Sadly, as sung by Don McLean in American Pie, the music died on the 3rd February 1959.


This week TIM has been watching …

American Graffiti.

Sticking with the Rock and Roll 1950’s vibe I just felt compelled to get this one out of the cupboard.  A classic movie featuring an awesome sound track (although with some poetic license used by director George Lucas ).  Interestingly both this film and The Buddy Holly story star Charles Martin Smith.

Image result for american graffiti


Remember …

In the best interests of getting your day off to a positive start try to begin with “Good Morning” rather than “Here we Fucking Go Again!”


Until next time.


TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 9)

This post goes back to July 2017.  It was a build completed before I really started with the blog so I had little in the way or progress images.  If I were doing a project like this now it would probably cover several WIP posts.  Nice for me to see this one again as it has been hidden away in a storage box for the last couple of years.



28mm Building Project No: 5 – The OK Coral

For my 5th Building Project I drew inspiration from one of the great legendary moments in Old West history, The Gunfight at the OK Coral.  As much as possible I wanted to be true to the actual events and location but to create a model which worked for me and my limited base space it was necessary to invoke an element of poetic license.


Diorama in development

Without turning this into a history lesson, the fight (some might say murder) took place in a vacant lot between two buildings.  Fly’s photographic Gallery was actually at the back of the lot but is usually depicted at the front, presumably because the building was of greater interest and I have done the same.  The righthand building was actually an old wooden house but as I did not have the space and wanted to create the feel of a vacant lot I chose instead to make it a small barn/out building.

The small out building was built from scratch using the same method as Building Project No: 4 – foam board sides clad with coffee stirrers and roof made of cardboard with cardboard shingles.  It was then painted using a variety of oil paint washes (for details refer earlier posts).

Fly’s Photography Gallery started life as a Sarissa Precision kit.  The kit was assembled and then completely clad on the sides with coffee stirrers and on the roof with card board shingles.  The doors were also remodeled.  After drying it was painted with oil paint washes.  Clear plastic was used to glaze the windows and blinds were added, the aim of which was to restrict the view looking into the building as on this occasion I did not plan to fit out the inside.

Signage was made using a downloaded Western font and then printed in black and white using Word.  It was then given a thin wash and a bit of weathering.

The figures used were once again all from Dixon Miniatures.  Virgil Earp (kneeling) was given a walking cane (a pin) and Morgan Earp (lying down shot) was given a new hand holding a gun.

Images of the final diorama appear below.





OMG! – A 28mm Diorama (Part 1)

In my recent Miniatures and Musings post I made reference to a new project – OMG! – a working title which may or may not change in due course.  To those of you of an older generation OMG! is short for Oh My God!  I’m sure most of you were well aware of that but I will hold my hand up and say most of these text abreviations have had to be explained to me by my lazy kids who cannot be arsed to type something out properly.

At this stage I cannot be certain how many posts this project will run into, best guess would be half a dozen at most.  It isn’t the biggest project by any means but the nature of the build will require a fair bit of drying time which may well stretch things out.  What that will allow me to do though is run a few other things in parrallel while I am having to wait.  I know some of you like Work In Progress posts so the aim here is to work bottom up and end with the finished model.  At this stage I don’t want to give too much away, partly because all to often there is a need to adapt things part way through due to unforseen circumstances.  However, start we must and here is the first post.

The base I am aiming to create is essentially a gorge.  I want cliff edges left and right with a waterfall slightly off centre and a tree somewhere on it too.  The tree and the gorge are intended for scale which will become more obvious I hope when the model is completed.  Having said that it wont be really true to scale as to do so would require an enormous base but the illusion is all I am looking for and hoping to achieve.

I decided that I didn’t want a big base but it did need to be dramatic.  I managed to find a nice wooden base on ebay from a guy I have bought from before which had the dimensions 255mm x 155mm.  It is now on order and should come within the next week or so.  I didn’t need the base to get started so my first job was to dig out some styrofoam blocks from my modelling boxes stored in the garage.  I also dug out some plaster board while I was there too.

As I have mentioned to a couple of people recently, plaster board is in my opinion great stuff to work with.  In this instances I wanted it to clad the styrofoam blocks.  The image below is of two base blocks glued together having first been shaped to outline the gorge.  An elastic band was used to pull them together and cocktail sticks were used at the edges to stop the elastic bands from biting into the styrofoam.


As I wanted the build to go higher I set about working on the next level while the first was drying.  Cocktail sticks would be used along with PVA glue to eventually attach the upper build to the lower build.


A rough outline of the gorge in styrofoam was completed.  Time now to start on the cladding.


Sections of plaster board were bit by bit glued to the styrofoam blocks.  Each was roughly carved to create the cliff like appearance that I wanted to achieve.  Gaps between the pieces at this stage is not important as they will all get filled in due course


Piece followed piece followed piece until eventually the blocks were covered to the extent that they needed to be.


Now it was time to set everything to one side so it could all properly dry out.  The base and figures I ordered are due to arrive next week which means I can work on them as I wait for future parts of the build to dry.  For now though it is time to go off and do something else while I wait.





TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 40)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This weeks figure, a 28mm sculpt of a Rat Catcher, comes from “Other World” miniatures.  Originally when I bought this figure I had other plans for it but it was so long ago that I had forgotten what that was so I just painted him and put him on a 25mm base!  It’s an age thing.  If I ever do remember then I guess I will have to buy the figure again.

The base, not clear from these images, was constructed using coffee stirrers to make a wooden floor.



Well It Made Me Laugh …



Time for a Project?

Just lately I have been painting stand alone figures and and a few vignettes which have required a bit more base work.  It has all been fun and I have enjoyed what I have done and am looking forward to doing what I have lined up on my desk still to do.  However, I recently got the urge to embark on something a little bit bigger.  The driving force behind this is Telford in November.

After last years surprising success I am keen to enter a couple of things for this year, especially in the Fantasy Diorama category which I was lucky enough to win gold in.  I remain convinced that part of the reason for that success was entering something which was a little different.  If I am to stand a chance this year I feel I need to hit the same note again.  Having been racking my brains I came up with two ideas.  I favor one far than the other not least of all because it will have more detail in it.

Having had the ideas the challenge was on to find the right figures and determine how to base them.  I have had a few ideas for the basing and have managed to find appropriate figures for the better of the two ideas.  Work on it has now begun.  It will I suspect feature several WIP posts due to drying time and the such like but I will try to spread these out with other bits and bobs as I go along.

For now I only have a working title, I am currently going with “OMG!”  Maybe the title will stick, maybe it wont but for now at least I will leave it with you to consider what I might have in mind.  The first installment should get posted this coming Saturday.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Cat Stevens and “Where do the Children Play?”.

Now before he went and changed his name to Yousef something or other and became a bit weird good old Cat had a few good tunes in him, several quiet deep and meaningful such as this one.  Clearly not everyone’s cup of tea but as I have said on previous occasions my music taste is very, very wide and varied.


This week TIM has been watching …

“In The Heat of the Night”.  A classic film from 1967 starring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger.  A ground making film for its day and remembered by those who have seen it for the immortal line “They call me mister Tibbs”.

220px-In_the_Heat_of_the_Night_(film) —000—

Remember …

If you are ever chased by a pack of taxidermists don’t play dead.


Until next time.


TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 8)

As the initial post on the “New England Bridge” was rather short I thought I would include the follow up post on the “Flat Bed River” too!  Yes I know I am spoiling you, two for the price of one!



On the Work Bench – New England Style Wooden Bridge

Work continues on my American Civil War  diorama, a feature of which is a New England Style wooden Bridge.  The bridge is based on an image I found online albeit that the “real” bridge and river were wider. Nature has few space constraints but alas my diorama base does so it was necessary to construct a shorter bridge!

The bridge itself was constructed using wooden coffee stirrers to make the base and sides, match sticks to make the front and back trim and cardboard to make the wooden shingle roof.  The finished bridge was then painted using a variety of oil based washes. For further details and information on construction and painting methods please refer to my “Building Projects” section.

Below are a few images of the bridge during construction. My next step is to work on the river, more of which in my next post.


On The Work Bench – Flat Bed River

My American Civil War diorama, when complete, aims to show a six-horse Confederate limber and cannon having crossed a river via a covered bridge.  A group of infantry men are standing either side of the road making way for the limber team to ride on through.

I have completed a tree for the diorma, the bridge and most of the figures and horses.  It was time to work on the base, specifically the small section of river which needed to be created.

My base was slightly modified by adding some wooden quadrant to all four sides.  This was done to raise the edges of the base and to give depth for the river and its banks to be made.  Filler, scraps of wood and whatever else was lying around was used to bring the base, with the exception of the river, to the level of the newly added quadrant.

The area which would become the river bed was then painted black.  This was done purely as a precaution just in case anything showed through at a later stage when it would have been too late to do anything about it.  Using a variety of materials – small bits of stone and gravel, cat litter and anything else rock like – I created the banks of the river.  Some pieces of fallen tree were added too to add a little more interest.

The river bed and bank were then painted using oil paints diluted slightly with white spirit.  Black was used to depict the bottom and therefore the deepest part of the river and then I used burnt umber, burnt sienna and raw sienna as as I worked my way from the bottom of the river bed and up the sides of the bank.  The oil paints blend well and dry a little quicker when used with white spirit.

Once dried the various “rocks” on the river bed and along the river bank, together with the pieces of fallen tree, were dry brushed to bring out detail and shading.  The next step was to add the “water”.  For this I use a Woodland Scenics product called Realistic Water, a silicone product which dries clear. Pending the depth of your river it is best to build up in layers allowing each one to dry before adding more “Realistic Water”. It does take quite a while to dry and is often best left to do so over night.

Having added the “Realistic Water” to the desired depth my next step was to add movement to the river.  If you only want to create the effect of a mill pond then movement is less critical but for a flowing river it’s a must.  Woodland Scenics do have products which you can buy to help achieve this but these can be pretty expensive to buy in the UK and besides there are other ways of doing it.  My preferred method is to simply take an old paint brush (you can use other things instead) and rough up the silicone a bit before it has gone off completly hard.  This does of course mean keeping an eye on it but as it does take a long time to dry so you only need to check after several hours and not every few minutes.  The aim of this process is to create ridges in the silcone to simulate water movement.  You do not need to go deep into the silicone but you do need to go with the flow of your river and not across. Once done leave to dry completely.

When completly dry I used to white oil paint to dry brush the ridges of the silicone. It’s best to go sparingly and add more as you think you need it.  If all goes well your river now looks like it’s flowing as the highlighted ridges look like white water.

Below are a few pictures of the various stages referred to above.  Images of the completed diorama will be posted soon.

“Feygin” – A Twisted Miniatures Figure

Suddenly I seem to have numerous things on the go.  My discipline of trying to do one thing at a time has gone out of the window.  I blame it on the weather and the need to work on something else while other bits are drying.  That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

What we have this week is another Twisted Miniatures steampunk figure, their version of Fagin from the Dickens book Oliver Twist.  Having done a couple of Twisted Minitaures figures now I cannot fault the quality.  I have a few more in the pipe line before I either need to buy some more or move on to doing something else.  I’m not short of ideas right now which is a good thing.  No danger of hitting the wall on the ideas front for the foreseeable future at least anyway.

Not a great deal to say about the figure itself.  It comes in a few parts and really needed to be fully assembled before painting.  Sometimes I find it best to paint some bits first and then attach, all depends how easy it is to access the completed figure with a brush afterwards.

Figure painted in acrylics only.  I seem to do less and less now using oils.  Simple base work with a few cogs added on.  Images below including a couple of WIP ones.



TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 39)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

After spending time painting female figures for Fembruary I decided I needed a change.  I turned to a Hasslefree figure based on the Simon Pegg charachter in Shaun of the Dead.  At some point I will get round to doing a couple of zombie dioramas as I think they would be fun.  I don’t think you can over do the blood on a zombie based figure.

Not entirely sure why his trousers look glossy in the photo’s as they are anything but in reality.



Well It Made Me Laugh …



Retail Therapy

Regular readers will recall that a few weeks ago I mentioned it was my intention to make a concerted effort to clear my backlog of miniatures and resist any temptation to buy more until attending Salute in April.  To be fair it was going well with the exception of a minor but “essential” purchase which incurred the wrath of She Who Must Be Obeyed.  But then it started raining.  Then it rained some more but with the added bonus of 80 mile an hour winds.  This is how it has been for the entire month of February and looks like continuing throughout March if the weather forecast can be trusted which for bad weather predictions it can be.

Compared to some I have no grounds for complaint.  We, unlike a great many people, have not had our house flooded and given our position I would like to think we are unlikely to do so.  Nevertheless with no hold up in the weather damage is being caused and my list of out door jobs is growing and all I can do is watch.  Fortunatley I do not have to go to work in it but I do need to venture out to walk the dog twice a day.  Getting wet is one thing but continually putting on wet walking clothing because it is impossible to get them dry is unpleasant.  Each day is Ground Hog day.  Deja Vu, or as I now prefer to call it Deja Poo, the feeling you have seen this shit before!   

The thing is it has now become all rather depressing.  I am in a negative spiral with few signs of an imminent turn around.  At my age this is a potentially dangerous situation with serious health implications and so I poured my feelings out to SWMBO over a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit.  She was sympathetic, she understood, she cared.  After such an emotional out pouring and before the postman was due to arrive I figured now was the perfect time to mention that I had spent a couple of hundred quid on hobby therapy.

I was wrong.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Robbie Williams.  I do like a bit of Robbie everyy now and then.  Like Freddie Mercury he is an entertainer who can work the audience.  I rather like the opening sequence of this video.

I appreciate concerts and huge musical events take place all over the world but, and at the risk of being very biased, I do think us Brits do it better than most.


This week TIM has been watching …

“The Split” – Series One and Two on BBC iPlayer.  After watching Nicola Walker in numerous TV programmes over the years, all of which are excellent, I have decided I have a thing for her.  I expect it’s mutual.



Remember …

According to Chemistry alcohol is a solution.


Until next time.


TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 7)

This post first appeared in June 2017.  Outside of my blog it has never been seen so this January just gone I decided to enter it into my modelling clubs annual in-house competition under the dirorama category because I hadn’t done anything else I could enter since going to Telford in November.  Despite some strong competition it won in its class and to my surprise it also scored more points than any other model on show and so I won and award for that too.  So here it is again for those who have seen it before and here it is for the first time for those who haven’t!



28mm Building Project No: 4 – Railway Freight Depot

I’ve always admired model railways but never had the space to truly consider building one so when I discovered that http://www.sarissa-precision.com had produced an old western steam locomotive I decided that this would have to be my next diorama. The train even in 28mm scale is a reasonable size and it took me a while to determine how best I could present the model whilst finding room on the base for a building and a few suitable figures.

originally I had wanted to build a railway station but even at 28mm this was to big for the base I wanted to use.  I finally decided I would construct a small-scale Freight Depot building but struggled to find suitable figures and so for a while the idea remained on the back burner until eventually I discovered some western railroad figures produced by http://www.northstarfigures.com.

I was now in a position to get my latest project off the ground.

As mentioned in Building Project No: 3 I had already determined that my next building would have a “wooden” shingle roof.  I had also decided that for this model I would try using foam board as the backing to the wooden stirrers instead of cardboard.  As with my previous build my first step was to establish the dimensions of the building and overall layout of the diorama.

In addition to the train Sarissa also produce track and other wagons.  I couldn’t accommodate additional wagons on this occasion but did acquire some track for mounting the train.

Having drawn up rough plans for the building (an end shed, an office in the middle and an open canopy at the other end) I set about cutting the foam board to shape and cutting away for doors and windows.  As with my previous builds I then cut the coffee stirrers to shape and glued them using PVA to the foam board.  Once the front, back and sides were complete the wood was weathered using a wire brush and a modelling knife for later painting.  Window and door frames were made using match sticks and clear plastic was used for window glazing.

I followed the same oil paint wash method for painting the outside walls as previously published.  Although I did not intend for the roof of the building to be removable I did take account of the fact that you could see inside the building through the open door and the window.  With this in mind I clad some of the interior and added a couple of wall posters and a couple of bits of furniture.

The next step was to have a go at my first shingle roof.  The basic structure was a simple piece of cardboard cut to the right length and then folded in half.  Before then gluing it to the main structure of the roof I drew lines at regular intervals on it. These lines would serve to line up the shingles.


The central part of the building before adding the “wooden shingle roof

The shingles themselves were made from cardboard strips that were then cut into much small rectangular pieces.  A tedious job but not one that takes that long.  A line of PVA was then added to the lowest part of the roof and the individual shingles attached.  Using a cocktail stick dipped into a small amount of PVA makes it easier to pick up the small shingles.  The process is then repeated line by line.  It doesn’t take long to get into a rhythm and the process becomes quicker that you might expect.  I tend to put on a You Tube play list and before you know it the roof is complete.

When dried the next step is to paint the roof.  I chose Burnt Umber oil paint thinned with a little white spirit as my base coat followed by a black wash and then by a grey wash.  Once dried I used white as a dry brush applied going against the grain of the roof tiles.  This I felt highlighted the shingle edges.


The central part of the building with the “wooden” shingle roof added along with the left hand side shed and the right hand side open canopy
Some further images of the buildings before final completion.  Note the inside detail.

With the buildings complete a few additions were added in the way of posters, weeds, grasses, dust and ladders etc for added realism.  The next step was to work on the train and the figures.

The train itself went together quite well and painted up OK too I felt.  I added wood to the Tender and a few pipes and levers to the cab.  The figures themselves were then painted using oil paint and placed on the diorama.  I also allowed for the Tender to be removable if required.

The finished train.

Images of the completed model appear below.

“Chim Chiminey” – A Twisted Minatures Diorama (Part 2)

As very much predicted the weather this week has been dreadful.  Thank goodness for having an indoor hobby that I really enjoy.  Without it I think I would be suicidal.  All the time I was at work I cannot say I really noticed what was happening outside but after many years of retirement and the weather getting progressively worse year on year it has become significant to my well being.  If I could only convince She Who Must Be Obeyed to do so I would move to somehwere with a better climate.  Hey ho!  Still, on the positive side of things I managed to get this little model complete.

Having built the roof all I was really left with was painting and some minor assembly.  The tiled section was finished and stuck to the back and sides of the roof.  Using some galvanised mesh I created an ornamental top to the roof ridge.  The chimney stack was also glued into place.


The next job was to prime and get a base colour onto the roof tiles.


Once dry it was time to start the actual painting.


With the roof as good as done attention was directed to the figures.  “Mary” was more done than I realised but I added a few more highlights, barely noticable from this photo but a little clearer on others, and fixed her umbrella before attaching her  to the chimney.


Then it was time to paint “Albert” and eventually add him to the base.


All that was left to do was add a clock face to the base and take some final photo’s.  This wasn’t part of the original plan but I decided the front of the base need a lift and the clock added to the Steampunk image.

DSC_0609 (1)DSC_0584 (1)DSC_0610 (1)DSC_0612 (1)DSC_0611 (1)DSC_0608

So there you have it.  My first and I suspect last foray into the world of Disney.  Time now to take a look at my “To Do Pile” and decide what to tackle next.



TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 38)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This weeks miniature is another female figure from Hasslefree and the last for Fembruary.  The little lady goes by the name of “Katarina”.  A sexy temptress for sure but clearly a more modern woman and not one to be messed with given the knife she is carrying with an intent to use.

Photo’s below of Katrina and a group shot of the previous three ladies.  As a non gamer I cannot say how they fit into that world but as a figure painter they are all quite different in their own way and were fun to paint.  Make of them what you will.



Well It Made Me Laugh …



Go To Suppliers

Although Salute is still more than a month away I thought I ought to start making a list of things, figures inparticular, that I would like to buy if the traders are at the event and have the necessary stock.  I decided to start with a list of suppliers who to date have never let me down, both in terms of quality and service.  My list of 10 will be refined in due course as I remember other suppliers but in the meanwhile I thought I would share it with you.

If you have a moment I would be delighted to know what suppliers you would recommend so I can check them out before and at the show.  Cheers.

Current top 10 suppliers.  In no particular order …

  1. Knuckleduster – Gunfighters Ball
  2. Hasslefree
  3. Other World Miniatures
  4. Reaper
  5. Demented Games – Twisted Miniatures
  6. Crooked Dice
  7. Lead Adventures
  8. Gripping Beast
  9. North Star
  10. Empress Miniatures


This week TIM has been listening to …

“Layla” by Derek and the Dominos.  Eric Clapton at his best.


This week TIM has been watching …

“Seven” starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

I originally saw this film in Hollywood in 1995 when She Who Must Be Obeyed and I made our last trip to the USA before our son was born the following year.  Very dark, quite gruesome and SWMBO hated it.  She can be hard to please.  I remember taking her to see Apocolypse Now for her 21st and she didn’t like that either.



Remember …

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance – the 5 stages of waking up!


Until next time.


TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 6)

On The Work Bench – Scratch Built Wire Tree (part 2)

Having allowed the All Purpose Filler mixed with PVA to dry the next step using a sharp tool (I use my modelling knife) is to scratch some lines into the trunk of the tree in order to create a better bark effect when painted.  Once done it’s time to paint the tree starting with the underside first.

The paints I use are Winton and Newton oils – Burnt Umber, Ivory Black, Burnt Sienna and Titanium White.  The first application applied was Burnt Umber, diluted with white spirit to create a wash which nicely soakes into the filler.  This was followed by a wash of black, mostly applied to the shadow areas, then followed by a wash of Burnt Sienna with emphasis on the upper outside branches.  Titanium White was dry brushed to provide highlights.


Almost there with the painting

With the paining complete the next step is to add the smaller branches which will take the leaves in due course.  For these smaller branches I use small pieces of “Seafoam Trees” available from Gaugemaster.  Bit by bit these are added to complete a full canopy.


Small “Seafoam” branches added to complete canopy

The final step is to add the leaves.  For this I use “Leaf Foliage” by “Noch” which comes in a variety of colours allowing for a nice mix of trees if you are aiming to have several in a display or reflect other times of the year such as Autumn.  The tree canopy is sprayed with a strong hold Hairspray and the leaves sprinkled on. Typically I find this process needs to be done several times in order for the leaves to create clumps and create a finish that I am happy with.


The Final Tree

Essentially the tree is finished but as I intend to use this one on a diorama the roots will need to be worked on once again along with the appropriate ground work being added too.   It will be a while until the diorama is complete but when it is I will post some images of the tree in its final state.






“Chim Chiminey” – A Twisted Miniatures Diorama (Part 1)

As Monty Python would say – “and now for something completely different” … well different for me that is.

WARNING – If you are easily offended by sickly sweet Disney movie charachters this post (and more likley the second post when published) is not for you.

Twisted Miniatures do a couple of Steampunk figures based on the Disney movie Mary Poppins.  One figure goes by the name of “Mary Poppets”, the other is simply called “Albert”.  Now don’t ask me why I was drawn to these two figures because in all honesty I haven’t a clue.  I cannot even claim to have wonderful childhood memories of the film and claim points for nostalgia.  The best I can offer is that I had an instant and simplistic idea on how to base them, thought the figures looked colourful to paint and decided to throw caution to the wind and buy them.

Now as mentioned I am no fan of the film, in truth I don’t think I have even watched it from start to finish.  However, given the film was released in 1964 I have, like most people I would think, seen countless clips on TV (Disney Time at Christmas springs to mind) and am familiar with several of the films songs.  This little diorama was inspired by the song “Chim Chiminey/Step In Time”, specifically the film sequence where they are dancing on the roof.  Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about!

OK, time for some pictures and to talk a little about the build.

First up I decided to make a start on painting Mary.  Totally arse about face as I always start with the base first but hey ho somes times it’s good to live life on the edge!  She isn’t complete yet.  Block colouring done but highlighting to start and complete plus she has an umbrella which needs to be attached and painted.


Attention now on the base.  Nothing overly complicated,  just a roof section.  To begin with I needed two sides and a back, MDF and card.


Then both the sides needed to be bricked.


I also needed to construct a chimney stack.


The space between the sides and back then needed to be filled which was done with quick drying clay.  I also needed to put down some roof slabs to cover the base in front of the roof and trim and grout the bricks using filler.  The whole in the slab is for positioning Albert in due course.


The next step was to start working on the roof tiled section which when complete will be placed on top of the clay and span the two sides.  The tiles are made from card using a Green Stuff World hole punch.


If the weather proves to be as bad as what is being predicted then there is a good chance this model will be finished next week.



TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 37)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

Another post and another female figure, well it is Fembruary after all.

What I have tried to do in my own little way is to try to present the female figure in a small variety ways to meet the brief from Alex of the Leadballoony  – “… I’m just looking for awesome portrayals of the feminine in miniature form, as part of an ongoing conversation about how women are presented within our hobby”.

First up we had the scantily clad “Shayda”, a dominant and intimidating female figure clearly designed to be sexy.  Sex sells and rightly or wrongly so do these Hasslefree figures.  “Rowena” by comparison was dressed from top to bottom with no flesh on show, very much the victorian style.  Hard to believe that the glimpse of a female ankle 120 years or so ago was enough to give a young lad an erection.  This post we have “Alyx”, another depiction entirely.  Clearly not sexy unless you are paedophile, but with a disturbing attitude unless you consider armed school girls normal.

Doubtless there is much discussion to be had on these and other figures in terms of how they present females in the modelling world.  Are they are acceptable or do they exploit?  Well I’m not the sculptor, I only bought them.  For my part there is a danger, as there is with too many things in my opinion, to look far to deeply and over analyse the subject.  For my part I can only say that as a figure painter I purchased them because I liked them and thought they would be fun to paint.  Oh, and because  “Shayda” had a nice chest and reminded me of a girl I once dated. 😉

With over a week of February left there might be another female figure or two to follow.  Meanwhile photo’s of “Alyx” below.

DSC_0594DSC_0591 (1)DSC_0593DSC_0590 (1)DSC_0592 (1)


Well It Made Me Laugh …

For Wudugust, a Scotsman with a sense of humour …



This week TIM has been listening to …

“Gracelands” by Paul Simon.  An album which was a huge hit when it was released and one I haven’t listened too for a long time.  Still great and glad I dug it out.  Mustn’t leave it so long next time.  I like the whole album but this was the official single if I recall correctly.  Nice bit of lip syncing by Chevy Chase.


This week TIM has been watching …

“The Outlaw Josey Wales” starring Clint Eastwood.

As I haven’t painted a cowboy figure in a little while I thought I ought to at least watch a Western film just to keep my brother happy.  They don’t come much better than this one.




Remember …

The next time your wife gets angry, drape a towel over her shoulders (like a cape) and say “Now you’re SUPER ANGRY”.  Maybe she’ll laugh.   Maybe you’ll die.


Until next time.


TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 5)

It is hard to believe that this post originally went out on the 4th June 2017 and that it is ober two and half years ago now that I made my first scratch built tree.  I’ve made a few more trees since then but the method for doing so remains unchanged.  Part 2 next week.


On The Work Bench – Scratch Built Wire Tree (part 1)

Figures for my 28mm American Civil War diorama are coming along OK but I am now starting to think about base construction.  Decided I definitely want a tree and thought I would have another go at scratch building one.  I have only ever done one tree before and much to my surprise found it easier than I thought it would be.  It might have been beginners luck though so we will have to see how this one finally turns out.

To start with I wrapped some 0.5mm wire around an A5 pad about 20 times which gave me a loop of wire approximately 9 inches (23cm) long.  Once removed from the A5 pad the loop was twisted several times starting just below the half way point.  This produced a figure 8 shape.  The bottom loop was then cut so that the wire strands all became separated.

The separated wire strands were then grouped into four individual bunches.  Each bunch was then twisted a few times and then separated once again into either two or three further bunches which were also twisted a few times and then separated again until eventually only one strand remained.  Where the remaining strand was to long it was cut off to a length I was happy with.

Once I had done this to each of the initial bunches of wire I was left with the tree’s root system.

Having completed the root system the next step was to repeat the exercise by cutting through the upper loop and creating the branches.


Once this was complete it was then a case of spending a few moments positioning and bending the roots and branches into a shape I was happy with.  I then mixed up some All Purpose filler together with some PVA glue to an almost liquid consistency and using an old brush applied it to the underneath of the branches first and then to their upper side, the trunk and the roots.  It was then placed to one side to dry.

It might be necessary to add more filler and to scratch away any excess dried filler but that pretty much completes the process for the basic tree.  The next step will be to paint and “dress it”, more of which in a future post.

Rowena Von Graaf – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 2)

I’m not sure that I needed to but following on from my previous Miniatures & Musings post …


… I thought I should complete this young lady if only to show that I am happy to paint female figures which aren’t scantily clad.  So this week I made sure to get Rowena painted up and based (see below).

In comparison with “Shayda Diovol”, Rowena, on the one hand, is well dressed and nowhere near as sexy which means she ticks the box of not being sexualised and exploited I guess.  On the other hand, to me at least, she looks a little timid, less in control and likely to do whatever the man in her life tells her to do which for the Victorian era would be about right for most women of that period.  When I compare the two figures I think Shayda is the more confident, self assured and intimidating female and yet she is virtually naked.  Significant?  Relevant?  For me sexual exploitation is an open can of worms.  The simple truth is sex sells, always has and always will.  Men know it and so do women.  In general terms it is hard at times to know who is exploiting who.  While you are thinking about that and making of it what you will I will start work on my next female which will provide further food for thought!

As for Rowena the figure itself was straight forward to paint and enjoyable on account of the level of detail on the sculpture.  One of the things I like about female figures is they can offer much more colour opportunity as they are often far less uniform based.  Pending the period and fashion there is a lot of scope particularly in the Victorian era.

Fortunately most of the work on this model was making the base which I did last week.  Just as well that I did as I had very little time to spend modelling this week.  Some brief periods of decent weather for the time of the year meant I could get out in the garden and make a start on my lengthy jobs list.  The good news is more rain is on the way so hopefully I will be able to hit the modelling desk once again!

Photos below.




TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 36)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This week we have another 28mm figure from Hasslefree Miniatures.  This one goes by the name of “Shayda Diovol”.

Now according to IRO, who seems to have gone all lardy-dar, the Fembruary challenge shouldn’t include scantily clad females, however, if you look at the rules set down by Alex no such restrictions apply.  Clearly IRO is just sucking up to his female following oblivious of the fact that they have him worked out.  Women are not easily fooled.

Now “Shayda” may well be scantily dressed but she is not a girl to be messed with.  Never underestimate a woman who has a bigger chopper than you.    

DSC_0597DSC_0590 (1)DSC_0591 (1)DSC_0589 (2)DSC_0588


Well It Made Me Laugh …



Fingers Crossed

I promised She Who Must Be Obeyed that after Christmas I wouldn’t buy any more figures.  She was right to point out that I have a very large pile of forgotten figures and that it was high time I began to do them.  But then I remembered that nearly 38 years ago she promised to love, honour and obey me and I realised that my promise was there to be broken just like hers.

With that in mind I went and bought some new figures and earlier this week I took delivery of four figures from Lead Adventure Miniatures, a company based in Germany who I had never used before.  They do a very nice Steampunk range and the words “Limited Quantity” were enough to send me into panic mode and place an immediate order.  Just as well because two of the figures have now been labled “Sold Out”.  Proof indeed that if you see it and want it you should buy it.

Needless to say SWMBO spotted the recent acquisitions and questioned the value of my promise to her.  Bravely I argued that she too had made a promise 38 years ago to obey me and had rarely ever done so.  It seems when you make a promise with your fingers crossed behind your back it doesn’t count.  I need to remember that.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Rod Stewart  and “Maggie May”.  This is a Top of the Pops mimed version from 1971.

I do like a bit or Rod and he has had his share of classic songs.  This track is one of my all time favourite songs.  I love the song itself but it holds a great many memories.  In our day my mates and I would always look for this record on a pub Juke Box and give it our all after a good few beers!


This week TIM has been watching …

“Spartacus” – the classic 1960’s version starring the late Kirk Douglas.  Following his death last week it seemed appropriate to watch this awesome film.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, “I’m Spartacus”.



Remember …

When you get dressed in the morning try to remember that if you die what you are wearing will be your ghost outfit for ever!


Until next time.


TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 4)

I learnt a great deal from my first two building projects and much to my own surprise was ready and feeling confident at having a go at a complete scratch build back in May 2017 when this post first appeared.


28mm Building Project No: 3 – Livery Stable

Having completed two building projects I was ready to have a go at scratch building one.  I already knew that I wanted to build a Livery Stable and had in mind a rough idea of how it would look when completed.  To be fair the idea was based upon an old Britain’s Livery Stable (see image below) which I used to play with as a kid.


My first step was to put my design down on paper.  Having taken account of the base size, and working to a scale of 28mm equals 6 feet (and therefore 5mm equals approximately 1 foot), I drew the outline on graph paper (front, back and sides). Coffee stirrers were then cut to shape and using pva glue were stuck to card.  I used thick card, the type they use for making picture frame mounts.

Outline graph paper drawings and coffee stirrers

As part of my design I intended to have a roof which could be removed in order to look inside, so coffee stirrers needed to be stuck to both sides of the cardboad. The one thing I had not accounted for was the contraction brought about by the pva drying.  As a consequence the dried walls curled up a little rather than lay flat. Had I weighted the sides down while drying things might have been better.  The problem wasn’t insurmountable but it became clear that I needed to redesign the inside slightly so that the sides could be braced and pulled together when assembled and glued.

Early internal images showing the upper flooring and stable posts which were used to brace the sides at assembly

You will notice from the images above that the inside was also painted at this stage as it was much easier to man handle the model and gain access to all internal areas. My next steps were to add the door frames, construct the winch system, build the doors and begin the roof.  Coffee stirrers were again used and cut to size.


Various images of the outside and roof as the model began to come together and the figures started to be included

The right hand side of the roof as viewed in the above image was made to be removable while the left hand side was fixed.

The next stage was to paint the outside of the building but before doing so the wooden stirrers were roughed up using a wire brush and a modelling knife to add character which would become more obvious when the painting and dry brushing was done.  For painting I used a variety of different colour washes.  The washes were all created using various oil paints thinned out using white spirit.  I’m sure the purists would be horrified at the use of white spirit but I think the medium is great and use it all the time to thin and matt down oil paints.  The great thing about using real wooden coffee stirrers is the paint washes soak into the wood and in my opinion produce a nice finish.

With the building essentially complete attention was now directed to the figures and internal detailing.  The figures were mostly from http://www.dixon-minis.com – their Old West and American Civil War series.  Minor conversions were made to an artillery figure which was adjusted to pull the rope and the riden horse had saddle bags and a blanket added.

Ground work was essentially grit swept from the curb side and the greenery comprises of static grass, taller grass made from string and Seafoam Trees purchased from http://www.gaugemaster.com.  These trees are aimed at railway modellers but they are ideal for 28mm scale either as trees, bushes or climbing plants.  They are best painted with a diluted paint and then dressed with leaf materials applied using hair spray.

Images of the completed model appear below.

It was only after I had completed this model that I saw some images of roofs made of wooden shingles and thought they looked much better.  I decided that shingle roofs would be the next step towards improving my scratch built buildings.  More on this when I get round to publishing Building Project No: 4.


Rowena Von Graaf – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 1)

This week I started on another Reaper Chronoscope Steampunk figure, Rowena Von Graaf.  You will have to wait until next week to see her painted as my time thus far has been spent working on the base.  I have downloaded an online unpainted image of her so you can at least see what the figure looks like.


As I say this week has been spent working on the base.  I decided I wanted to create a small wall, a pillar and some railings.  I also wanted to add a lamp to the top of the pillar.  First up was the need to make an “L” shape using a couple of pieces of plaster board.  This stuff is so versatile and easy to cut and use.


Once dried the next step was to clad the “L” in bricks.


If you follow my blog you will know I bought some Victorian lamps off of Ebay which I used in a previous model a couple of weeks ago.  I used another one here, or to be more precise the top of one.  For the railings I used some galvanised metal mesh.  I also used a couple of small tiles which I bought from the same place I purchased the bricks.  These needed to be drilled to take the mesh.  Some Milliput was used for the rest of the base and holes positioned to take Rowena once she is painted and ready for adding to the base.


Finally some grit was added and once the PVA had dried it was time to start the painting and whethering.  As a final touch some flowers were added to provide a little more colour and interest.


All simple enough but time consuming, particulalry in terms of allowing tbings to dry.  Time now to paint the lady herself.


TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 35)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

Every now and then along comes a figure that I think should not only be in my collection but in everyone else’s too.  Such a figure is Frank”, a 28mm figure produced by Hasslefree.  I decided  to give him a smiley face T-Shirt, it some how seemed appropriate.

I painted this figure on behalf of my uncle and am dedicating it to the Dail Mail newspaper.  You will understand why when you read the article further below called Korea, The Forgotten War.



Well It Made Me Laugh …

It might interest you to know that She who Must Be Obeyed is part Irish!



Korea, The Forgotten War

For a change a serious article.

My fathers brother and my undle, Edgar Green, is the National Secretary for the British Korean war Veterans Association.  He went to Korea with the Middlesex Regiment, 27th Brigade.  He is 88 years old, 5 years younger than my dad and they are both still alive and kicking.

Edgar, on behalf of his Association and its ever dwindling numbers, wrote to the Daily Mail to see if they would publish the below letter in their newspaper given the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War.  They didn’t want to know.  Despite the rather limted audience his words will receive I nevertheless thought I would publish it here.


The Forgotten Veterans of the Forgotten War

This year of 2020 marks the 70th Anniversary since British Land Forces were sent to Korea.  During the three years that we were involved around 100,000 young men served there of which 1,078 paid the supreme price and remain in that land so far from their homes.

Going through the records of those that paid the price they were 50% National Service men and 50% Regulars.  We have always been known as the Forgotten Veterans of the Forgotten War.  On Remembrance Sunday you never hear a word about us in the BBC coverage.  It is through this that so many of us don’t march as a group but do so with our own Regiments.

Is it not possible for one of your writers to do something for all of those that remain in the Far Off Land?  Or will they wait until the last of us have passed on to the Green Fields.

This Poem say’s it all for us.


We didn’t do much talking

We didn’t make a fuss

But Korea really happened

So Please Remember Us


We all just did our duty

But didn’t win or lose

A victory was denied of us

But we never got to choose


We all roasted in the Summer

In the Winter damn near force

Walking back from the Yalu

With our blacken toes


Like the Surf, the enemy kept coming

With their bugles in the night

And we fired into their masses

Praying for the light


All of us just had to be there

And so many of us died

But now were all but half forgotten

No one remember how we tried


We grow fewer with the years now

And still don’t raise a fuss

But Korea really happened

So Please



This week TIM has been listening to …

“Teenage Kicks” by the Undertones.


This week TIM has been watching …

“Tremors” – Starring Kevin Bacon.  This film was released on the 19th January 1990, hard to believe it is 30 years old.



Remember …

In case you had forgotten, a reminder that tomorrow is Jamaican Hair Style Day, personally I’m dreading it.


Until next time.


TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 3)

Welcome to TIM’s Memory Monday.

This post first appeard on the 21st May 2017 and it represents my second ever building project.

The original post has now been added to my archive site TIM Gone By.



28mm Building Project No: 2 – Pioneers Cabin

For this diorama I wanted to try to improve upon my first building project.  As a theme I decided to go with a pioneers cabin set in the middle of nowhere and where the early settlers would have had a non violent relationship with the local tribal indians.  The completed result appears below.


The building itself is another kit from Sarrisa (North American series) which has had some modifications.  As mentioned in my earlier Building Project No: 1 post, I wanted to add some depth to my next building and decided to use coffee stirrer’s to help achieve this.  I wasn’t bold enough to clad the building walls but did alter the roof.  Overall I was pleased with the outcome and with hindsight wished I had done something with the walls after all!

The building also featured a stone chimney.  Being laser etched the chimney looked very flat and so along with doing alterations to the roof I decided to build a new chimney using cat litter and filler.  Picture below.


Another first in this dioram was the introduction of “water”.  Woodland Scenics “Realistic Water” was used in the water trough and for creating the small waterfall and stream.  See below.

As with most things done for the first time there is a learning curve.  “Realistic Water” is like real water in that it runs everywhere and will escape all over the base unless it is properly contained.  If you want to add water to anything you do this stuff is great and there are some excellent tutorials on Youtube which can tell you how to use this stuff far better than I can.

The figures and wagon are all 28mm Dixon Miniatures.

A few more photo’s of this diorama are below.


For my next building project I decided I would try my hand at constructing a building completely from scratch.  More on that to follow.  In the meaanwhile I need to work on my photography skills as these images aren’t that great!







Andre Durand, Time Chaser – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 2)

This week saw the completion of Andrea Durand, Time chaser and his “Krups Machine”.

What does the machine do?

Ideally it is for time travel but I am more inclined to go with John’s (of Just Needs Varnish) idea that it is a coffee maker.  Either way it hopefully looks better now it has been painted up.  Andre himself has been finished as well and the two items are now assembled and based.

Images below.



TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 34)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This week we have yet another Knuckleduster miniature, this one goes by the name of  Johnny Deuce.  I still have quite a few more in my to do pile but as I have a number of others figures as well I have primed some of them in the hope that next week I can treat you to something different.



Well It Made Me Laugh …



Great Film Lines

I’m not in need of new modelling ideas at the moment, I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy for years as things currently stand but I had an idea.  Now it’s far from an original one but I got to thinking that great film lines would provide an excellent source for diorama ideas, always assuming you can find the right fìgure(s) that is.  So I got to thinking about great movie lines and came up with the following inspirational short list:

  • “I’ll be back” – Terminator
  • “Go ahead, make my day” – Dirty Harry, Sudden Impact
  • “We rob banks” – Bonnie and Clyde
  • “I see dead people” – The 6th Sense
  • “It’s alive!  It’s alive!” – Frankenstein
  • “I feel the need  – the need for speed” – Top Gun
  • “Say hello to my little friend” – Scarface
  • “Yippie-ki-yay mother fucker” – Die Hard
  • “Why so serious?” – The Dark Knight
  • “You talkin’ to me?” – Taxi Driver

Obviously the potential is limitless so as and when I come up with others I will refine the list accordingly.

Feel free to make suggestions.


This week TIM has been listening to …

“Pinball Wizard” by The Who.


This week TIM has been watching …

“Jerry Maguire” starring Tom Cruise.  Notwithstanding the height difference (I’m a fare bit taller) I’ve often been mistaken for Tom due to my winning smile and good looks, perhaps that’s why I like his films.  OK I just like his films!



Remember …

No matter how far you push the envelope it remains stationery.


Until next time.


TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 2)

Welcome to TIM’s Memory Monday.

This week you get two back posts for the price of one.  The first post, Buildings – Introduction was first published back in March 2017 but as it didn’t have much to say (I was still finding my way around WordPress) I decided to add the post which followed it too – 28mm Building Project No: 1 – Undertakers & General Store.

Both are now on my archive site TIM Gone By.



Buildings – Introduction

As a kid I can remember Britains toys adding to their swoppet range by introducing western buildings and I can recall having been given the Bank, Jail, Hotel, Ranch House and Livery Stable as christmas and birthday presents.  I mention this only because it was these memories which inspired me to want to go beyond just painting figures to adding buildings to my modelling.

One of the first things to consider is the scale you want to build in.  As a modeller I had for the most part painted 54mm figures up to this point and as a consequence my initial idea was to build in this scale.  I soon realised that this presented two problems. Firstly, the constructed building would be quite large.  Secondly, how would I store or display it and keep it free of dust?

Pathetic as this sounds it took me a while to reach the obvious answer – build in a smaller scale!  I had only ever really considered 28mm to be a war gaming scale and as such had never properly looked at available figures and accessories. Needless to say a quick internet search opened up an entire new world and I haven’t looked back since.

I am by no means an expert on constructing buildings, if I were then I would would not be The Imperfect Modeller.  However, in a short period of time I have managed to move on from simply constructing and painting bought buildings to constructing my own frrom scratch, a most rewarding experience.

In this series of posts I will go through the evolution of my buildings.  In the meanwhile a picture below of a Livery Stable I constructed completely from scratch. It’s not without it’s faults (which I will highlight going forward) but it was only my third building ever.



28mm Building Project No: 1 – Undertakers & General Store

As mentioned in my previous post, I decided that scaling down to 28mm was my best option if I wanted to include buildings within my dioramas.  Having reached that decision a quick internet search for 28mm old west Buildings led to my discovery of Sarissa Precission’s website (http://www.sarissa-precision.com).  Sarissa have a whole host of buildings covering various periods including the Old West and North America both of which were of interest to me.

Sarissa’s buildings are made of MDF with laser etched detail, fit together perfectly and look very good when made up.  They were just what I was looking for and so I purchased two of them for the model pictured below.  The building on the left is Old West model code SmallPLUS Building 1 and the building on the right is Old West model code SmallPLUS Building 4.  For both buildings I also purchased the optional apex roof (I’m no fan of the characterless flat roof that comes as standard).


The aim of the diorama was to simply capture a moment in time on the street of a western town.  The buildings themselves were simply painted but, as can be seen from the additional photo’s below, I also chose to fit out the insides of both buildings. For reference all the figures in this diorama are from Dixon’s Miniatures (http://www.dixon-minis.comand the various internal accessories are mostly from Frontline Wargaming (http://www.frontlinewargaming.co.uk).

Inside the General Store

Inside the Undertakers

The only minor adjustments I made to both buildings was to add clear plastic glazing where appropriate to doors and windows, to make a hole in each roof for the chimney of the wood burning stoves and to add the main signage (this was done using Word together with a downloaded western font which was printed and given a light colour wash).  Overall I was pleased with the outcome of my first building but as is often the case we are often our own worst critic and so, on closer inspection I felt there were improvements which could be made next time around.

A better painter than me would have been able to add depth to the wood of the building and to the roof tiles.  That was beyond my skill set and so my overall impression was that the end result was rather flat and lacking in character and depth.  How I could improve upon this came to me in Burger King while I was stirring my coffee – use real wooden coffee stirrers for cladding!  Which leads nicely onto the subject of my next post, My Second Building.


Andre Durand, Time Chaser – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 1)

Now I did warn you in a previous post that it would not always be possible to churn out a completed model every week and that a Work In Progress post would be required from time to time and so it has proved.  Next week I hope to post images of the completed model but for this week this is all I have to offer by way of progress.

The completed model will comprise of a single figure, in this case a Reaper figure which goes by the name of Andre Durand, Time Chaser.  The figure has been primed and work on the face has begun.  I always start with the face first because for me it is the most crucial part of any figure.  Get the face right and all being well the rest follows.  More to do but so far so good.


Now given that good old Andre is billed as a time chaser I figured he needed some form of transport.  At this point I should point out that I am working outside of my comfort zone.  Scratch built Steampunk machines couldn’t be further away from anything I have done in the past.  How to go about it?

A trip into the garage and a rummage through my bit drawers produced a few interesting finds.  The obvious question at this point is “why have you been hording this shit TIM?”  You might well ask.  Personally I am laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of She Who Must Be Obeyed.  Is that fair?  Yep.

After some experimentation the build begun to take shape.  Holes were drilled to insert pin heads.  If there is one thing I know about Steampunk the machines have rivets, lots or rivets.  Will it look decent once it has been painted up?  Good question but hopefully next week we will know the answer one way or another.

Some build progress images below.










TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 33)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

Knuckleduster figures continue to dominate my backlog pile for now.  There are more to be done but progress is being made in parallel with other little projects that I am working on.  In fairness I do enjoy painting them and adding them to my collection so it is hardly a chore, just a simple desire to move a quality figure from the gloom of a cupboard to the light of day.  Latest to make the move to the display case is “Lucky Lou”.

DSC_0597 (1)DSC_0598 (1)DSC_0599 (1)DSC_0600 (1)


Well It Made Me Laugh …



Salute 2020

Yesterday I bought my train ticket and entrance ticket for Salute 2020.  Looking forward to it and spending money on all those “essential” items.  The 18th April will come along quickly enough but for now I have time to sew extra pockets into my coat so I can smuggle my contraband passed She Who Must Be Obeyed when I get home.  The alternative is to simply man-up but the last time I did that I found myself cooking my own dinner!

I should also point out that SWMBO also has a wart on her hand.  Not one but two or three.  She is understandably self conscious of these and has investigated many remedies but so far without success.  I too am conscious of her warts.  Conscious to the point where I am more convinced than ever that she is a witch.  It cannot be a coincidence that I haven’t seen a newt or a toad in a while.  These are dangerous times in the house of TIM.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Paolo Nutini and “Pencil Full of Lead”.  There are plenty of jazz versions of this track but I prefer this one.


This week TIM has been watching …

“1917”.  A trip to the cinema to see this Oscar nominated film with my mate.  Enjoyable is never the right word to describe a war film, experience is probably more appropriate in these days where nothing is left to the imagination in a graphic portrayal.  All in all an excellent film and well worthy of seeing.  Not so sure about it being a potential Best Film winner but quite different from anything I have ever seen before in the way that is was filmed as one continuous sequence.



“Do Not Touch!”

Probably one of the scariest things to read in braille!


Until next time.


TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 1)

Welcome to TIM’s Memory Monday.

This is the beginning of a new weekly series of posts which will appear, oddly enough, each Monday!  As this is the first I will explain what is going and why.

Below you will find unedited the very first post I published on this blog.  It first went out on the 22nd March 2017.  Not surprisingly it was viewed by almost nobody but since then my blog has grown.  However, in my experience new readers and followers tend to read current content and move forward rather than look back.  With this in mind I thought it might be a good idea to repost my older content, excluding my Musings, to a wider audience.

In addition to the above, it is only a matter of time before I will be facing a WordPress memory problem.  I could of course simply upgrade my package but to be honest my blog isn’t a business portal so what’s the point?  Instead I have set up another site which I have called “TIM Gone By”.  It is an archive site and the post you see below has also been copied in its entirety to that site.

As we all know it is photographs and images which eat up our blog memory.  The same content of course enhances our blogs too.  The need therefore is to delete this media content and free up space.  With this in mind I will in six months time (I have put a note in my diary!) delete the photographs and images associated with the original post and this repost leaving only the written content.  Anyone wishing to see the complete post will be able to do so on “TIM Gone By”.  Thereafter it will be a rolling programme every week.

The big question of course is will this work and will it have an impact on this site in anyway?  Fucked if I know, let’s find out!



This post was first published by TIM on the 22nd March 2017.  Enjoy.


Welcome to TIM – The Imperfect Modeller.

Most of my modelling is geared to the Old West but occasionally a figure comes along which catches my eye and I’m happy to give that a go.

In terms of scale I paint 28mm to 54mm figures although my dioramas tend to be exclusively 28mm due to size constraints.

As this is my first blog and my first post I thought it best to start with some images of my work. In future posts I will describe some of these and other models in greater detail and refer to techniques used  and also list materials and suppliers.

Please feel free to comment and ask any questions.

Thank you for looking.


20170322_120536 20170322_115153

Left – Andrea Miniatures 54mm Cavalry Trooper; Right – Gringo 40s One Eyed Trail Boss


Custer’s Last Stand – 54mm Andrea Miniatures


Andrea Miniatures 54mm Mountain Man


Wargames Foundry 28mm Old West Men in the Wilderness (and below left)


Right – Dixon Miniatures 28mm Old West Figures


Dixon Miniatures 28mm Old West figures and stage coach (above and below).  The building, which has been heavily modified, is by Sarissa Precision



Above and below – Dixon Miniatures 28mm Old West figures featuring their Chuck Wagon.  Three of the figures have had minor conversions.



Gunfight at the OK Coral featuring Dixon Miniatures 28mm Old West figures with two minor conversions and scratch built buildings.


Under Attack – Diorama featuring Dixon Miniatures Old West Indians and US Army 28mm figures.


Diorama featuring Artizan 28mm Rail Worker figures, Sarissa Precision Old West Locomotive and scratch built Freight Depot.


Left – a break from the Old West but same era different continent!  Beneito Minjiatures 54mm Rorke’s Drift.  Right – Dixon Miniatures Confederate Soldier, the first figure in a new diorama.


“Vermina” – 28mm Reaper Miniature

My next Steampunk offering.  Another figure from Reaper which goes by the name of “Vermina” on account of the fact that she likes vermin and rats in particular.  I really loved painting this figure.  So much detail and no paint colour restrictions.

Managed to find some rather nice victorian style lamps on Ebay which befitted the period and provide a little more interest in the base.  With hindsite I ought to have done a lighter colour on the base so that the rats at her feet stand out better although the photos do make it a little darker than it actually appears up close and personal.  Something to revist at some point perhaps.

Images below.


DSC_0611DSC_0613 (1)DSC_0617DSC_0612 (1)DSC_0614DSC_0616DSC_0618DSC_0615

TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 32)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

As luck would have it I managed to get a single figure done for this post.  Nothing exciting just a straight forward Knuckleduster cowboy by the name of Rowdy Joe Lowe.  I have a pile of Knuckleduster figures to work through so expect to see little else on the Mid Week Miniature post for a good few weeks.  Unless I get bored that is!

DSC_0589 (2)DSC_0592 (1)DSC_0591 (1)DSC_0590 (1)


2020 – The Plan! 

As mentioned in last weeks Miniatures & Musings, this week is mainly about my plans for 2020.  Like all plans I very much doubt it will unfold as I would like to anticipate it will but with creativity at the centre of it all perhaps it’s to be expected.

So, moving on what can you dear reader expect to be confronted with at the dawn of this new decade?  Well for starters, and as previously posted, I have acquired the urge to dable with Steampunk.  Certainly to begin with I will be focused on figures only and in this respect Reaper and an Australian company, Twisted Miniatures, are coming up trumps.  I really do fancy doing one or two little dioramas along the way as well and have a few ideas but nothing concrete.  Much rests of finding the right figures to begin with.

I am keen to participate in one or two competions again this year with the first being my club annual event to be held at the end of this month.  Retiring the models I submitted at Telford in November wiped me out so it will be very difficult to do well at the club this year as I haven’t had enough time to replace them.  After the in-house Plymouth Club event it’s the club hosted show in June followed by Cornwall in September and Telford in November.  For now time is on my side to produce a single figure under 54mm, a mounted figure under 54mm, a vignette of upto 6 figures, a fantasy figure under 54mm and two dioramas one of which will be a fantasy one.  A tall order but at least I have some ideas of what I want to do.

Somewhere along the way I would like to expand upon the Apocalypse models I have done as these were fun to do and I will need to do a few cowboy figures along the way in order to keep my brother happy!  On top of that there is the guilt pile, all the must have stuff I bought but which sits there looking at me as if to say “you bastard!”.  I’ve promised my self I will make a concentrated effort to get a lot of the stuff done but then again I promised She Who Must Be Obeyed that I would cook once a week and that’s never going to happen either so we will have to wait and see.

Painting figures for sale on Ebay will continue.  It has really helped me to practice my painting while at the same time completely self funding my hobby.  It also keeps SWMBO of my back and that alone makes the whole thing worth the while.

Two things which have become apparent though.  Firstly, given some of the models I want to do it isn’t going to be possible I think to turn out something new every week.  That said I still want to keep the blog going so expect a few more “work in progress” posts.  I’ll try to keep them as interesting as I can.

Secondly, I need to think about my WordPress memory and the need for archiving older posts.  No need for immediate action but thinking about how to deal with it has given me an idea.  It struck me that very few people who start to follow a blog look back on old posts, they simply start where they pitch in and move forward.  With this in mind I’m thinking of a new weekly post called “Memory Monday”.  I did toy with “Flashback Friday” and do prefer the name but thought posting Monday made for a more even distribution.  Then again I could call it “Flashback Friday” but post on a Monday!  In any event the idea is to re-post older articles and give them a second lease of life to a slightly wider audience before archiving them to a new site I am going to call “TIM Gone By”.  However, this all needs to be thought through and once I have gotten my head around it I will let you know.  Hopefully this coming Monday will see the first post.  The trouble is neither one of my tech savvy kids are about when I bloody need one!


Important Question

Does refusing to go to the gym count as resistance training?  Asking for a friend.


Well It Made Me Laugh …



This week TIM has been listening to …


Thought I would work my way through my CD collection with the emphasis on playing stuff I haven’t listened to in years and forgot I had.  Expect more blasts from the past!


This week TIM has been watching …

“Secret in Their Eyes” a film I recorded over Christmas.  Can’t say I knew anything much about it but it was watchable and had a twist at the end which I didn’t anticipate.



Remember …

The human body is roughly made up of 60% water … you’re not fat you’re flooded!


Until next time.


Dr Charles Bennet – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope

This week, despite various forms of domestic chaos,  I managed to get another of my Reaper Chronoscope steampunk figures done.  This one goes by the name of Dr Charles Bennet, billed by Reaper as a Steampunk Hero.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to base him but decided to give my recently acquired Green Stuff World UV acrylic water effect a go.  The result looks better in the flesh than in the photos and overall I was pleased with how the stuff worked.  Using the UV torch the acrylic set in under a minute!  A small piece of a plastic straw was used for the water pipe.

The figure itself was a straight forward paint job but looking at the photos the stubble I added to his face appears much darker.  Not sure I am happy with that so will take a closer look at the figure again and if necessary tone it down a little.

Photo’s below.




TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 31)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

The observant amongst you will notice that this week there is no new miniature!  The reason for that is this week I am mainly concentrating on a review of the year that was 2019.  Next weeks Minatures and Musings will concentrate on plans for 2020 so it’s likely that I wont have a miniature to share with you that week either.  Devastated as I am sure you are by this news I have a feeling you will be able to cope!

What I do have to kick off with and so as not to leave you with no pictures whatsoever, are my favourite model posts of 2019.  These are simply the models which, for one reason or another, gave me the most pleasure during the course of the year.  In month order we have …

February – Mad Jack the Lighthouse Keeper



April – Wasp Apocalypse: “Get Out of My Room!”



June – The Wizard Library

P9210024 copy.JPG


September – “Easy Boy!”

DSC_0631 (2)


September – Apocalypse: “What the F**k Was That!”

DSC_0593 (1)


November – Tom Goldentome


November – The Dragon Master

DSC_0605 (2)


December – The Old Fiddler




Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

I thought I would begin my review by taking a brief look at my WordPress statistics now that 2019 has come to end.  I don’t put to much store by these if I am being honest but as things stand my “Views” are down on last year despite the number of “Visitors” and “Likes” having increased and my “Comments” have taken a dip as well.  So what can be determined from this data?  Fucked if I know.  Make of it what you will.  In the meanwhile I will continue to envy the number of followers and views many of you get.

What has been encouraging is that my number of “Followers”, including those that follow by email, has increased to 99.  For a couple of days it stood at 100 but then someone decided to stop following me (hard to blame them) and I fell back to 99.  I have to say it’s nice having WordPress followers.  Even though I know very little if anything about most of you the concept of following is a pleasing one.  By contrast when you follow someone going for a walk in the park who you don’t know that well either it’s called stalking and is deemed a criminal offence.  It’s a complicated world to understand at times.

The one thing that does give me a buzz is seeing where in the world people have viewed my blog.  As things currently stand my blog has been seen in 65 countries and in 6 of the 7 continents and this I do find amazing.  Whilst I’m sure a great number of people have logged in by mistake it does excite me to think that something I can write in a house in a tiny little village in Devon can be viewed pretty much anywhere in the world.


Modelling Matters.

The Plymouth Modelling Club continued to be enjoyable throughout 2019.  It can at times be a little frustrating due to most members being fixated on all things World War 2 but I guess that’s just the way it is.  To be fair to the guys (notice I said guys, for some reason the club has been unable to attract any hot women but I am hopeful this will change in 2020!) they produce some great stuff but try as I might most are reluctant to deviate from their comfort zone.  That said some progress has been made and a couple of the guys have successfully branched out into other genres.  Long may it continue.  In fairness it is each to their own and I would never tell anyone what they should or should not do but for me variety is key along with trying out new things along the way, something I will aim to continue in 2020.

As part of the club I attended a few shows last year.  More than the year before but not as many as I had hoped.  Not all of the shows the club goes to have competitions but I do like participating in those when they have them.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea I know but personally I like the idea of bench marking my work even though I know some of the best modellers don’t chose to enter.  Still, you can only compete against those that enter and my limited success has enabled me to consider myself a “modeller”, something I would never have deemed to call myself a year or two ago.

Sticking with the show theme last year provided two huge highlights.  The first was in April when for the first time I went to “Salute” at the Excel Center in London.  A fantastic show and an opportunity to buy some very nice bits and pieces.  I also got to meet Alex of Leadbaloony blog fame and hopefully I will get to say “hi” this year too as I aim to go to the 2020 event in a few months time.  The other highlight was attending “IPMS Scale Model World” at Telford in November.  It is a fantastic event and my second only visit.  Success in the competition was an obvious highlight given the standard of models on display and I am gearing myself up for this years event.  Win or lose it will be another great event for sure.


Figures and Dioramas

I had a couple of lost mojo moments during the year but nothing major and as a consequence I managed to get a lot of enjoyable stuff done.  Models included figures for selling on Ebay and personal bits and bobs including pieces I hoped would go down well as competition entries.  Needless to say some things turned out better than expected whilst others proved a disappointment.  Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I just cannot translate the ideas in my head into the model I am trying to create.

Ebay remains hit and miss but continues to pay for all things relating to my hobby so I have no grounds for complaint.  It’s fun and I still get a buzz for everyone I sell.  Knowing someone likes what I have done and is willing to part with their hard earnt cash is very flattering and continues ro make me chuffed.

So there you have it, a brief review of TIM’s year that was 2019.  Next week I will provide an insight to what I hope to achieve throughout 2020.


Well It Made Me Laugh …



This week TIM has been listening to …

David Bowie and “Suffragette City” from the Ziggy Stardust album.

Simply the best.


This week TIM has been watching …

His dark Materials.  An 8 part TVseries which was being shown before Christmas but which I have only just started watching.  Two episodes in and very much enjoying it.



Remember …

Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.


Until next time.


Benedict Baker – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope

I thought I would kick start the New Year with my growing interest in a new genre for me – Victorian Steampunk.  Now before anyone gets carried away, myself included, the emphasis is likely to be more on figures and small scenes rather than large dioramas featuring Jules Verne type machines.  That may come at some point in the future but not before I get my head around the genre far more and not until I have completed lots of other bits and pieces (like others I am determined to try to clear my backlog!).  In next weeks TIM’s Miniatures and Musings I will reflect upon 2019 and in the one after that I’ll do a little feature on my aims for 2020 and where Steampunk fits in.  For now though back to this post.

This figure goes by the name of Benedict Baker, a victorian genteleman produced by Reaper under their Chronoscope range.  The figure reminded me of the Paul Whitehouse charachter which featured in the Fast Show …


… and so I decided to buy him.

The figure looks to me like he wants to tell a story and I thought this seemed like a pretty good place to start a new genre.

The figure itself is a straight forward paint job but the base is entirely scratch built.  As with the Paul Whitehouse chap I thought a fireside scene was appropriate so I made a fireplace using MDF, cardboard, a coffee stirrer and some twisted wire.  The pot plant was made from Milliput and some fern moss dipped in PVA.  I managed to find a small book to place on the mantlepiece and the small vase was made from the plastic protection pieces which come on the ends of paint brushes.  Match sticks were used for logs.  The wooden floor was made of coffee stirrers and the wallpaper and rug were prints from online images.

Welcome to Steampunk TIM!

Pictures of the completed model below.




TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 30)

“HAPPY NEW YEAR” and welcome to my first Miniatures & Musings post of 2020!  I hope you all had an enjoyable time but more on Christmas, the year that was 2019 and the year that will be 2020 later.


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature 

I got very little done over the festive period due partly to obvious distractions and partly because I lost my mojo for a short while.  With family staying over, not feeling 100% and generally knackered I couldn’t be arsed to lift a brush.  The good news is my mojo is now back but the bad news is I need to get my finger out if I am to have more to post in the weeks ahead.

My offering for this week is a figure I painted once before for a small vignette.  This time I painted it as a stand alone.  IT is a Hasslefree figure which goes by the name of “Katie”.   She’s a tough little school girl with a lot of attitude.

DSC_0585DSC_0588DSC_0586DSC_0587 (1)


Christmas and New Year

Well both Christmas and the New Year have come and gone once again and now it is time to slip back into my familiar routine of mòdelling, blogging and, as befits my age, moaning!  Quite simply I have reached the age where I like some sort of routine.  Sad but true.

Christmas was fine but predictable.  I knew what presents I was getting because I bought them myself.  My family can be relied on to either not bother or buy complete shit so it is by far and away the best option.  I’m sure I am not alone in adopting this approach.  Annoyingly an expensive kit I ordered had a missing part which pissed me off to say the least and so now the back and forth emails begin to resolve the matter.  I sense Milliput will end up providing the answer but I live in hope.

The festive television was crap as usual but a few old films I hadn’t seen in a long while and don’t have the DVD’s of were fun to watch once again.  I suspect I will watch them again next year too!  On a more positive note I did manage to achieve my long held ambition of getting all the letters to spell out FUCK on the Scrabble board.  Unfortunatley this pissed off She Who Must Be Obeyed.  I’m still not sure if this was because my mum and dad were playing as well or if it was becasue I scored 39 points thanks to a triple word score.  In any event it remains my personal highlight.

New Years Eve proved most enjoyable.  The new owners at the Blacksmiths Arms decided to hire a band for the evening so a dozen of us got together for a meal there first and then settled down to drinking the night away.  The place was heaving and the band were excellent but the service was slow.  Well that was the excuse I gave my daughter who waitresses there for why I didn’t give her a tip.  When she leaves school and gets a real job she will encounter all kinds of people.  I figure she should come to terms with miserable bastards like me sooner rather than later.

Finally, on the subject of Christmas presents can I remind all of you that I gave books to that they are due back at the library on the 13th January!


The Year That Was and The Year That Will Be

It had been my intention to do a little summary of 2019 and a brief look ahead to 2020.  Unfortunatley time or a lack of it got the better of me so next week and/or the week after I will reflect on both.

I can however report two pieces of good news as we enter the new decade.

Firstly, it was rumoured that dirty Derek our village flasher was going to retire at the end of the year.  It turns out he has changed his mind and plans to stick it out for another year.  Well done Derek.

Secondly, as we all know Christmas is an expensive time of the year for us all but as luck would have it I have a meeting with my bank manager tomorrow and if all goes well I will be out of debt.  I’m so excited I can barely put my ski mask on.  Wish me luck!


This week TIM has been watching …

The Wedding Singer.  One of the many old films to appear on TV over Christmas but one I hadn’t seen in a while.  Dated in terms of fashion but a few laughs along the way together with a decent sound track.



This week TIM has been listening to …

“White Wedding” by Billy Idol.  Inspired by watching The Wedding Singer and his cameo appearance in the film.



Viagra wont make you James Bond but it will make you Roger Moore!


Until next time.


“The Old Fiddler”

This is my last post for 2019 so here’s wishing you all a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope you get the models you bought yourself!

For my Christmas figure I decided to go with this chap – “The Old Fiddler”.

The figure is a 54mm miniature produced by Andrea.  It’s a figure I have had my eye on for a while and when I saw it several pounds cheaper at Telford I took the plunge and bought it.  I’m not sure it is but in my own mind the figure felt seasonal.

Other than adding some fallen leaves to the base it is just a paint job.  Even if I had wanted to do more it would have been difficult to see how to add or attempt to better the original composition.  Images below.

Until next year!








TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 29)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This weeks figure is another Hasslefree miniature of a young lady who goes by the name of “Pulse”.

DSC_0599 (2) (1)DSC_0598 (2) (1)DSC_0597 (2) (1)DSC_0596 (2) (1)DSC_0595 (2) (1)


No Interruptions!

One of the nice things about Christmas is it provides a certain amount of solitude which allows me to get some modelling done with fewer interruptions.  I find that if I shout out “You can’t come in!” the wife and kids think I am wrapping Christmas presents.


New Year New Job?

It’s early days but I am thinking about going back to work.  For £100 an hour I will pose as a couples therapist and tell your spouse they are wrong about everything.  If you think you could benefit from this service please contact me via this blog.


The Perfect Gift?

I asked She Who Must Be Obeyed if she had any idea what she might like for Christmas.  “Something Silk” she replied.  Knowing my luck I’m sure to have gotten the wrong colour!305666-DULUX-SILK-PBW-2-5L1.jpg






This week TIM has been watching …

The sharp eyed amoungst you may have noticed that I have reversed the order between “watching” and “listening” this week.  There is a reason for it.

This year Marks and Spencer produced a Christmas TV advert featuring the song “Jump Around” by the “House of Pain”.  It’s a catchy tune and therefore a catchy advert and it has had me and my kids performing the moves.  Badly in their case, expertly in mine!

I then pointed out to both of them that several years ago there was a TV advert using the same track involving Monks and church bells.  If I ever put together my top ten adverts this would be one.  Thanks to YouTube I was able to show them the advert.

The links to both are below.  I will leave you to decide which one you prefer.


This week TIM has been listening to …

“Jump Around” by the House of Pain.

Needless to say following on from the above it was appropriate to listen to the official version.


As next Wednesday is Christmas Day this will be my last mid-week post for 2019 (I aim to put up a final post for the year on Saturday).  Hopefully I will put a mid-week post up on New Years Day subject to how hung over I am from the night before.  In the meanwhile have a Merry Christmas one and all and a Happy New Year.


Until next time.


C’est Quoi Tout Ça? – (What’s All This?)

Whilst it is true to say I have some French blood (a short story for another day) I cannot claim to speak the language with any level of ability.  At a push I can read a menu, fill up the car with petrol, get by in a supermarket and order any number of beers up to ten.  Accordingly any error in translation in the title of this post is down to Google translate.

This is the second model That I have managed to complete having been laying around for far too long.  In this instance the French mechanic was painted the best part of a year ago and that is as far as I got.  The original plan had been to make a bigger garage type scene with the British Despatch Rider who appeared in last weeks post but in the end the idea just fizzled out as my mind moved on.  There it sat until I went through my bitz box and found the dog.

The facial expression on the dog seemed to say “What, me?” and from there it was just a case of how best to represent it.  A trashed workshop came to mind and thereafter it was the simple matter of making it happen.  The figure is another 1/35th scale Soverign 2000 figure, the dog I have no idea about as it was a purchase from years and years ago.  Most of the accessories are from Tamiya with a fair bit of scratch building.

Apologies for the poor images below.  At some point I might try and retake them and lose the shadows.


DSC_0586DSC_0588DSC_0585DSC_0592 (1)DSC_0599 (1)DSC_0595 (1)DSC_0602DSC_0590 (1)DSC_0596 (1)DSC_0601DSC_0593 (1)DSC_0591 (1)DSC_0600DSC_0598 (1)DSC_0597 (1)DSC_0589DSC_0594 (1)

TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 28)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

The second of my two Hasslefree miniatures from the same SiFi genre.  Following on from Lt. Thoran we have “Cpt. Nee Sun”.  Nothing much else to say other than photo’s below.

DSC_0591 (2)DSC_0594 (2)DSC_0593 (2)DSC_0592 (2)


Questions Best Left Unanswered

The other day while I was modelling away my daughter asked me out or the blue – “Dad did you ever date anyone before you met mum?”.  Not having a clue where She Who must Be Obeyed might be lurking I took the unusually safe route for me and replied – “No sweet heart your mum was the only one for me” – and with that of she went.

I returned to my painting but was left considering my checkered past.  There had been a few flirtatious episodes way back when and one in particular was quite serious until I decided to rumage through her knicker drawer while she was having a shower.  To my surprise I found a nurses outfit, a French maids outfit and a police uniform.  Needless to say I drew the same conclussion any man in my position would.  If she can’t hold down a job then this relationship is going nowhere!


Well It Made Me Laugh …



This week TIM has been listening to …

The Pogues and “Fairytale Of New York”

With the lead up to Christmas I thought I would go with one of my favourite festive songs.  Maybe next week I will go with another one.


This week TIM has been watching …

“Last Christmas” starring Emilia Clarke who is perhaps best well known for her role in Game of Thrones.


I always enjoy a trip to the cinema and it made a change to go with the two women in my life.  A nice little RomCom and one destined to be on the TV at Christmas for the next hundred years or so.


Until next time.


British Despatch Rider, Monte Cassino 1944

In the past it was very unlike me to start a model and leave it unfinished.  These days it is par for the course, I have so much unfinished stuff it is hard to know where to start.  I’m not entirely sure what brought this change about but I think a huge turning point was retirement.  More time to model and browse for new stuff has tested my patience to a higher level and the desire to move on to other projects has simply gotten the better of me.  With the lead up to Christmas and the excitement of lots more goodies due to arrive I thought I ought to at least make an effort to finish one or two things which have been around for far too long.

One such model was a 1/35th scale Soverign 2000 figure I had of a British Despatch Rider.  The Figure was painted getting on for a year ago and the motorbike, a Tamiya BMW as I recall, was built and painted around the same time.  There they both sat while I wondered what to do with them and then I completely forgot about them altogether.  Until now.

To get it done I went for a simple base in the end.  A bit of old plaster board for the back wall, a few plants for colour and a heap of rubble.   All basic stuff.  For the image on the wall I chose a religious theme having chosen to go with the Monte Cassino idea.   The image is the one clever bit which I will share with you.

Firstly you print off a colour image and cut it out.  Next decide where you want it to go, in this case on the plasterboard wall.  Apply PVA glue to the plasterboard (it could be a stone, wood or anything you want it doesn’t have to be plasterboard) and stick the image face down and leave to dry.  Once dry wet your finger and rub slowly and carefully.  The back of the paper will be removed but the image will be stuck to the plasterboard looking like it was painted on.  The downside is the image is reversed so if you must have it the right way round, words for example, then you need to flip them first before printing.

Photo’s of the finished model (eventually) appear below.


DSC_0607 (1)DSC_0608 (2)DSC_0609 (2)DSC_0611 (2)DSC_0612 (2)DSC_0610 (2)DSC_0606 (1)